events leading to civil war

  • industrialization

    south was angry because they were losing buiseness
  • Nat Turner Slave Revolt

    Nat Turner killed his master to start a revolution. The south feared this and put a stop to it.
  • indian removal act

    made the north angry.made indian move to the east if lived west of mississippi river.
  • underground railroad

    abolitionist happy, north angry. path leading to freedom.
  • fugitive slave act

    made abolitonists mad, south was happy. slave owners paid bounty hounters for slaves.
  • uncle toms cabin

    north relises whats going on. south unhappy
  • kansas nebraska act

    had popular sovernty, north and south unhappy.
  • rise of immigration

    north happy.people from other countries coming to america.
  • bleeding kansas act

    people arguing north and south unhappy. Bloodshed
  • lincoln's election

    north happy south angry. lead to civil war