European Explorations

  • Period: 1450 to

    European Exploration

    The Europeans began crossing the Atlantic ocean
  • Period: to

    New France

    Represented by Samuel De Champlain established the colony of new france
  • Period: to

    New france (2)

    New France became royal colony king Louis XIV of France.
    roman catholic Church played an important tole in new France such as hospitals and schools.
  • Hudson bay company

    In 1670 king Charles ll of England granted a charter Hudson bay company.
  • Period: to

    Northwest/ pacific

    What changed in the north west and pacific coast?
    During the first half of the 1800's the European population in the pacific coast was not high with first nations outnumbering them 100 to 1. But as land in the east was becoming more scarce more people started to settle in the area. To try and keep peace between the new settlers and the first nation the Governor signed a treaty with the first nations promising them land.
  • Period: to

    Canada west

    During the first half of the 1800s, a lot of British immigrants arrived every year in Canada West. They occupied land on which First Nations peoples had been living. By the 1850s, Canada West was changing from scattered, isolated settlements to a lively network of farms, towns, and cities. Before the 1850s, ships transported everything for export to Europe and the United States.Between the 1840s and 1860s, the population of Canada West tripled to almost one and a half million.
  • Atlantic Canada

    Nova Scotia was known for its shipping and coal mines. The Atlantic colonies enjoyed certain advantages in the timber trade and were able to parlay these into an expanded shipping and shipbuilding sector. New Brunswick was the leading timber exporter from the region, providing jobs for migrant seasonal workers from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Atlantic Canada is known for its fresher-than-fresh seafood, and for many, lobster is king.
  • Period: to

    Canada east

    The Canadians were descendants of the early French settlers of New France. seigneurs owned land,and rented that land to Canadians.The mid-1800s were a time of prosperity for many business people.Canadians did not have enough money to pay their debts. they were to give up their farms.-The British wanted to assimilate the french people, in 1840.They wanted to remove the french from their colony. catholic bishops and priests traveled through cities. .in 1850-1890 There against assimilation.