• Queen Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth
    Queen Elizabeth of England hires the British East India Company to compete with the Dutch, the Dutch controlled the trade on nutmeg from the Banda Islands.
  • Period: to


    europe revoloution
  • assasaination of King Henry IV

    assasaination of King Henry IV
    Henry IV of France, king who is considered religiously tolerant, is assassinated by François Ravaillac, the assassin is considered very religios and unstable.
  • african slaves

    african slaves
    african slaves are being transported to the West Indies to replace those Africans who have died there. The sugar industry is killing them from over working the slaves.
  • montreal is founded

    montreal is founded
    A fort is founded at what today is Montreal.
  • the toe hold

    the toe hold
    The Dutch East India Company gain control in Africa, near the Cape of Good Hope, to serve Dutch ships passing to and from the East.
  • cromwell dies

    cromwell dies
    Cromwell dies and the English are happy. They have had their fill of Puritanism before he died.
  • charleston founded

    charleston founded
    the Carolina colony, Puritans found Charles Town Charleston named for Charles II.
  • crimes

    In London a woman is flogged for the crime of having become involved in politics.
  • new king

    new king
    Peters brother, Ivan, dies At the age of 24. Peter becomes Russias new king.
  • life expectancy

    life expectancy
    Life expectancy at birth in England is 36 years.
  • first successful engine

    first successful engine
    The English use a engine to pump water out of a mine. It is the first functionable engine.
  • plague

    Plague arrives at France the last of the great bubonic plagues in Western and Central Europe.
  • the russians

    the russians
    The Russians switch sides and are no longer allies
  • war

    Nader Shah of Iran wars against the Ottoman Turks. (middleeast conflict continues till this day)
  • slave trade

    slave trade
    An average of 60,000 slaves are being exported from Africa per year.
  • seven years war

    seven years war
    During the Seven Years War, Elizabeth of Russia dies. The new ruler, king Peter III takes Russia out of the war against Prussia. Having bad luck of Sweden also withdraws from the war. France talks Spain into joining the war on its side against Britain.
  • oxygen

    Oxygen is discovered by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Europeans have been investigating the properties of gasses and have now discovered oxygen.
  • thailand

    In Thailand, Rama I reigns. He begins the Chakri dynasty, to last into the twenty-first century.
  • technology improvments

    technology improvments
    George Washington's dentist creates a dental drill powered by a foot peddle.
  • diseases

    Around 150,000 Hawaiians die from the Great Sickness unknown disease brought by Europeans.
  • 1629

    In the Holy Roman Empire, hundreds are being burned as being accused as witches.