Establishment of the Republic

Timeline created by wstudebaker
  • 2,001 BCE

    The republic falls into power

    After holding the first inaugural election in order to elect a government type, the democratic republic was elected by 89%. The communist were furious and attemped to overthrow the newly elected government suppoters at their victory rally. But the newly formed government was not going to tolerate this and banish the communist into exile in the middle of the New Delorean desert which was practically a wasteland.
  • 2,001 BCE

    Official Constitution

    After 2 months of being elected the government system, the supporters created and ratified a constitution that set the guidelines for the democratic republic. The common-person was granted individual freedoms, and for the first time ever the people of Templesburg were given freedoms.
  • 2,001 BCE

    First elected president and congressional Reps

    The first elected president was named John. R Sallyburg, and other representatives were elected by districts in Templesburg. Not everything was perfect but at least the people were free and progressing to a productive society.
  • 2,000 BCE

    Overthrow of the dictator count Serbio

    After Count Serbio had complete control of Templesburg for 15 years the people became fed up. He was confronted in his throne room at our capital Slugville, by 30,000 citizens for mistreatment of the people's cries. He was put down that very day by the noose. His supporters even cried in joy that the oppressor was now gone.
  • 2,000 BCE

    Conflict between two Governments

    After 15 years under dictatorship rule, the people of Templesburg argued whether to fall under communism or a democratic republic. The communist promised to bring equality to the peasants and the elite class. Many were intrigued by this idea of pure equality. But those who understood that communism would lead back to a dictatorship were strongly opposed to this. The republic supporters wanted to bring political power to the people and strived for this.
  • 2,000 BCE

    The Republic rises

    After holding a debate heard by the citizens of Templesburg's radio the Republic government was surging with support. After a question regarding the business class, the communist supporters stated that businesses would be seized by the state. Not even under Serbio was this done, and this turned off the elite and striving for the elite class. The republic supports endorsed a free market capitalist system where business owners were encouraged to own and grow buisness.