History of the computer 1950

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  • ERA 1101

    ERA 1101
    The Era 1101 was one of the first commercially produced computers designed by the ERA but built by Remington Rand. The company's first customer was the US Navy. This computer was intended for high speed computing and stored 1 million bits on its magnetic drum. The ERA 1101 was the first computer to store and run memory which has helped many people to this day.
  • Squee: The Robot Squirrel 1951

    Squee: The Robot Squirrel 1951
    This robot used two light sensors and two contact switches to hunt for "nuts" which were actually tennis balls, and drag them to their nest. Squee was invented by Edmund Berkeley in the year 1951, who earlier wrote the book 'Giant brains or machines that think'. This robot has enhanced the lives of many because this is the start of more robots taking over many jobs.
  • Librascope LGP 30

    Librascope LGP 30
    The Librascope LGP 30 developed by physicist Stan Frankel. Frankel had originally named the device MINAC but when the Librascope division bought his design, they renamed the device to LGP 30. This device was used for a single user for science and engineering. This device has enhanced our lives because it has helped advance the world of engineering and science.
  • First computer scanned image on SEAC 1957

    First computer scanned image on SEAC 1957
    In 1957, Robert Kirsch designed a rotating drum scanner allowing him to digitize an image of his son. The image was a five by five centimeter black and white shot. This was the first image to be scanned into a computer. This has made a big impact, especially now that us human can take a picture and upload it within seconds to a computer.
  • ERMA 1959

    ERMA 1959
    ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine Accounting) made checking account easier to read the checks. SRI designed ERMA. ERMA could process the number of accounts that even a well trained banker could complete in 17 days. ERMA made a major impact especially today because we have direct deposit and we can do all of our banking on our phones