Entertainment Marketing Timeline

  • Motion Pictures

    Motion Pictures
    Recording of sound on a motion picture was first started.
  • Radio Broadcast

    Radio Broadcast
    Radio stations began to broadcast on a regular, scheduled, basis.
  • Electronic Television Picture

    Electronic Television Picture
    Farnsworth patents the first electronic television picture and transmitts it.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The Stock Market crashes, causing nearly 75% of amusement parks to close.
  • Television Sold!

    Television Sold!
    The first television is sold.
  • TV in 1 Million Homes

    TV in 1 Million Homes
    One million homes now own a television!
  • Color Television

    Color Television
    First appearance of color television.
  • Disneyland!

    Disneyland in California is opened! It cost $17 million to build and attracted 3.8 million visitors in the first year.
  • TV in 100 Million Homes

    TV in 100 Million Homes
    Over 100 million homes own a television from all around the world.
  • Six Flags Opens!

    Six Flags Opens!
    Six Flags opens in Texas making it the first regional theme park.
  • Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom
    Walt Disney World introduces the Magic Kingdom, which cost $375 million to build.
  • CNN

    Turner Cable Network introduces CNN, the first all news network.
  • Royal Wedding

    Royal Wedding
    Prince Charles and Diana Spencer get married on national television.
  • MTV

    MTV, Music Television, is debuted!
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller

    Michael Jackson's Thriller
    "Thriller" by Michael Jackson sells 20 million albums, making it the largest selling record ever.
  • Compact Disc

    Compact Disc
    The compact disc is first introduced.
  • Time Warner Inc.

    Time Warner Inc.
    Time and Warner combine to become Time Warner Inc.
  • Princess Diana Dies

    Princess Diana Dies
    Princess Diana is killed in a car accident.
  • Modern Warfare 2

    Modern Warfare 2
    Call of Duty Releases a new Xbox game, Modern Warfare 2.
  • Glee

    Fox releases the tv series Glee.
  • I Gotta Feeling

    I Gotta Feeling
    The Black Eyed Peas release their now best selling song of all time, "I Gotta Feeling".
  • Michael Jackson's Death

    Michael Jackson's Death
    Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50 from a propofol intoxication after suffering from a respiratory arrest.
  • Avatar

    The movie Avatar comes out, whcih is now the best selling movie in total ticket sales of all time.