Engish Project: Inventions Since 1953

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    Technologies Since 1953

  • Solar Cell

    Solar Cell
    Pro: Converts energy from sunlight to produce clean and green electricity. Con: They are eally expensive relative to the small amount of energy one cell can produce.
  • McDonald's

    Pro: Their food is fast, easy, and tasty...well most of the time. Con: The food may be tasty, but it is bad for ones health.
  • Handheld Calculator

    Handheld Calculator
    Pro: Complex math equations can be soved with ease. Con: Students are less inclined to physically do he work in the problem relying solely on the calculator.
  • VCR

    Pro: Movies coud be watched at home anytime. Con: The VHS tapes that were used would jam ocassionally resulting in a large mess of the ilm coming out of them.
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    Pro: Peple can easily communicate with others through this small andheld device. Con: That communication has led to the easier coordination of criminals and mobs lik those happening in the UK.
  • Windows Software from Microsoft

    Windows Software from Microsoft
    Pro: Computer navigation is much easier due to this software. Con: With each update the coftware becomes more complex and harder to use.
  • Fuji Disposable Camera

    Fuji Disposable Camera
    Pro: Anyone could afford to take pictures without having to buy a super giant photographer camera. Con: In the age of going ren and recycling the use of these cameras has declined a bit.
  • World Wide Web (The Internet)

    World Wide Web (The Internet)
    Pro: The iormation of the world is at the click of a button. Con: People using the Web for bad reasons has led to prblems such as cyber-bullying.
  • DVD

    Pro: Movies can be watched with higher quality and more features. Con: For those who had a VHS only VCR a new device needed to be purchased to play DVDs.
  • Youtube

    Pro: If you need details on how to do something, or are just trying to kill some time this is a great place to start. Con: Kids waste valuable learning time watching pointless videos such as Rebecca Black's "Friday" music video.