HG Timeline 1919-1939

  • Period: to


  • Paris Peace Conference

    -People from some countries wanted to negociate a peace settlement
    -All of these countires had to work together
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    Nazi Party

  • Reparations

    -Money needed to pay back
    -Didn't start making these reparations till about 1921
    -Germany had to pay this money back to different powers
  • Fascism

    -An emphasis for a strong central government including a dictorial ruler
    -Glorifies the state above the individual
    -Wanted that different government
    -Others: Political
  • New Economic Policy

    -Modified form of the old capitalist system
    -Peasants could now sell their products openly
    -Lands being used for this policy
  • Ruhr Valley

    Ruhr Valley was Germany's chief industrial and mining center.
    Category fell under military because France used this valley for mines and factories during the financial crisis. Sending troops to occupy this space.
  • Benito Mussolini

    -Set up the first European fascist movement in Italy
    -He created a political group called Fascio di Combattimento
    -Also Social
  • Lenin

    -Russian communist
    -SSR leader
    -He was an SSR leader. Involved in government
    -Others: Social
  • Soviet Union

    -New state to help solve problems in Russia
    -Problems within Russia's government
    -Others: Economic, Social
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  • Period: to

    Soviet Union

  • Period: to


  • Joseph Stalin

    -His goal was to gain complete control over the communist party
    -Got a lot of support from the officials that he had appointed
    -He was later murdered in Mexico
    -Having control over the political party
    -Others: Economic, Social
  • Period: to

    Joseph Stalin

  • Dawes Plan

    -reduced reparations
    -200 million dollar loan for Germany recovery
    -There was a political upheavals that France and Germany wanted to get out of. And this plan helped
    -Also economic, social
  • Period: to

    Dawes Plan

  • Treaty of Locarno

    -Germany having to pay the US for it's losses after WWI
    -Soon after was the Great Depression
    -Happening between different countries
  • Five Year Plans

    -Economic goals set for a five year period
    -They were economic goals
  • Period: to

    Five Year Plans

  • Collectivization

    -this systen caused private farms to be eliminated
    -The government had owned all of the land and the peasants had worked on the land
    -Having the peasants working on land. Farms being owned
    -Others: Social
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was the economic depression proceeding WWII. It was an economic event because there was unemployment, halts in industrial production, and a decrease in stock prices
  • Inflation

    -The US stock market plummets
    -Money had become worthless in Germany
    -This was happening all over. Was an economic issue
  • Weimer Republic

    -Is now known as Germany
    -Weak and in lack of leadership
    -The government had these issues
  • Hitler

    -Was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. Served 4 years on th Western Front during WWI. 1923, staged an army uprising against gov. in Munich. 1929, expanded Nazi Party. 1933, came into full power(established basis for a totalitrian state)
    -Had the Aryan racial state
    -Economic and political
  • Concentration Camps

    -A prison camp for all those who opposed Hitler
    -Specifically for the Jewish people
    -These people had to go through this torture
  • The Nazi State

    -Hitler wanted a totalitarian state and wanted to develope the Aryan Race which was the race that he wanted to dominate Europe because they were pure German
    -Freely used terror
    -Wanting a totalitarian state to take control of
    -Others: Military, Political, Social
  • Period: to

    Heinrich Hemmlier

    Timespan that this was going on in
  • Period: to

    Nuremberg Party Rallies

  • Period: to

    The Nazi State

  • Nazi Party

    -Rose to power under Hitler
    -Wanted perfect Aryan Race to dominate the world
    -Hated minorities, especially the Jews
    -Used terror openly
    -figures and movemens in Germany
    -Others: Political, Economic
  • Enabling Act

    -Gave the German government the power to ignore the ocnstitution for four years to be able able to deal with the country's problems
    -Having to do with the government
    -Others: Economic
  • Period: to

    Nazi Party

  • Schutzstaffeln

    -Secret Police that was used by Hitler's body guard under Heinrich Himmlers command
    -Having the secret police
    -Others: Political
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  • New Deal

    -Franklin Roosevelt used The New Deal as a policy of active governmental economical intervention. This included a program of public works.
    -This is political
    -Franklin Roosevelt pursued this active government
    -Also economic, social, and military
  • Nuremberg Laws

    -Dictated on who was considered a Jew and who wasn't
    -Putting titles to different people
  • Nuremberg Party Rallies

    -The anual party for the Nazis in Germany. The Nazi party rally founds was in Nuremberg form 1933 to 1938
    -Evoked Mass enthusiasm and excitement among the Germans as Hitler did demonstrations to use them as an intrument
  • Francisco Franco

    -Was Europe's youngest military general
    -Fought in chaos and broke out in civil war in Spain
    -He was a militatry general in war
  • Collective Bargaining

    -The rights of unions to negociate with employers over wages and hours
    -The French New Deal gave right to this
    -Working changes
  • Heinrich Himmler

    -In leadership over the SS. Germans controlled thr secret police forces and regular police forces that Himmler had set up
    -Himmlers goal was the frther the Aryan master race. The SS that he was leader of was based off of 2 principles: Terror and idiology. Terror included the instruments of repression and murder, secret police, criminal police, concentration camps, and execution squads and death camps.
    -Also a social problem
  • Kristalnacht

    -The Night of Shattered Glass
    -There was a rampage against Jews at their synagogues
    -Had destroyed 7,000 Jewish buisinesses
    -Like a fight that had broken out
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  • Madrid

    -Spanish Civil War came to an end when Franco's forces captured Madrid
    -The capturing of Madrid