Emily's Timeline

  • Birthday

    i was born at 10:36am and i weighed 7pounds and 14 ounces.
  • when i first started to walk

    i started to walk at 15months old :)
  • THe Day I Came To W.L.S.S

    I Was Pretty Nervous When I First Came To WL !
  • When My Uncle Morris Lulua Past Away

    When My Uncle Morris Lulua Past Away
    That Year Was Really Hard For Me, An Today Im Still Greiving
  • When I Went To Ottawa

    When I Got To See My Dads Side Of The Family For The First Time :)
  • The Day Me And Ravan

    Me And Raven Went Swimming And It Was SO Much Fun!, It Was A Blast
  • Down With Webster Concert!!! :D

    The Most Exciting Day Of My Life :D!!
  • New Semester

    The Day When we First Started An Awesome Class Like Planning 10 Wth Miss.Crandall
  • Today :)

    Today Im In A Reallyyyy Good Mood!!! :D, Best Day Ever in A Long Time :)
  • Ball Hockey Tourny'

    That Day Is My Uncle Morris Lulua's 2nd Annual Memorial Ballhockey Tournament.