Emily Geiger

  • Born!

    Emily Geiger was born sometime in 1760.
  • Period: to

    Emily Geiger

  • Old Age

    Emilys dad could not go to the war because he was to old. So that is why when Emily got the chance when she was older she delivered the message.
  • Boston Tea Party!!

    The Boston Tea party happened when Emily was 13 years old.
  • Declaration Of Independence Signed!!!

    Th e declaration of independence was signed on this day!!!
  • She gets captured!!!

    Emily Geiger is deliviring the letter when she is captured by the bristish and is thought to be a spy. So they search her for any letter sbut they can't find anything because Emily ate the letter piece by piece so they let her go!!!
  • Convinces General Greene .

    Emily had to convince General Greene that she could take the letter. It took her awhile because he didn't think she should go because she was a girl. But she finally convinced him that she could.
  • She delivers the letter to General Sumter!

    Emily finally gets to General Sumter and tells him the message verbally becuase she memorized it. Doing this she saved many peoples lifes including her own.
  • She gets Married!

    Emily gets married to John Threwits on this date.
  • Baby Girl!

    Emily's Daughter Juliet was born during this year at some point.
  • Died

    Emily Geiger died on July 3rd 1793. She only lived to be 33 years old.