Elzabeth's timeline

  • Nov 27, 1095

    1st cursade launched

    pope urban the second was involved in the launch. it was also part of the christian resonse
  • Mar 5, 1147

    2nd cursade

    was the 2nde major cursade. was announced by the pope Eugene the 3rd
  • Oct 2, 1187

    Saladin retakes the city of Jerusalem

    Saladin shamed the ruthless cursades by threating the city. war was alot of gang fighting
  • Jan 9, 1189

    3rd Cursade

    It was mostly known as the kings crusades. took place Zengid Dynasty
  • Apr 10, 1191

    Massacure at Acre

    Prisonners was orderd by Richird the 1st. richird the 1st was invloved in the massacre
  • May 29, 1453

    Turks Capture Constaninople

    Mahomet the second was involved in it. Turkish guns began to bombardmet
  • Suez Canel Incident

    was in Gazastrip and in Egypt. the person who was involved was the gyption leader
  • Battle of Algiers

    it as a war film based on the ALgerian war, was directed by Gilo Ponte corvo.
  • 1st gulf war

    It took place in Iraq, there were 34 nations led by the united states.
  • 9/11

    It was a destruction of the twin towers. Mohammad and his friends were the people who plotted the attacks in 9/11.
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

    it took place in Iraqi also overthrew the Ba'ath patry Government. the people who were against women was the one who wa invloved in the operation.