Ellen Foster

  • Ellen's Mother Passes Away

    In this point of the book, (Chapter 2), Ellen's mother is very sick and is either forced by her father or willingly overdosed on her medication. This caused her to become very ill and was at the point of death. Her father threatened her life if Ellen were to leave and find help, he said that she "just needed some rest." She died that night from overdose.
  • Mothers Funeral

    This is the event that is very important to Ellen. She sees how people really care and can see things clearly. She must ride there with Nadine and Dora who seem to be only looking for the attention and not the funeral. Ellen is not fond of them. (Chapter 3)
  • Passing through a colored town

    In this part of the book (Chapter 4-5), on the way to the funeral, she passes through a colored down and Aunt Nadine locks the doors. This is significant because it shows racism and Ellen sees this.
  • Ellen is Sexually Abused

    During a party that her father is having, one of the friends made a rude remark about her body and her father grabbed her in an inapropriate way and she managed to get away. She ran off to Starlettas house (chapter 6).
  • Ellens First Day back at school

    Her teacher notices a bruise on her arm and tells someone. Ellen is then taken to live with the teacher until a proper home is provided. (chapter 6-7)
  • Ellen lives with Roy and Julia

    These humble and free spirited people take Ellen in and giver her a loving home and care very much about her. They teach her about life and explain to her that they want to save other people from people like her father. Ellen loved Roy and Julia. (chapter 9)
  • Ellen lives with her Grandmother

    When Ellen leaves Roy and Julia's house to live with her grandmother, she is sad. Her grandmother is very cruel to her and takes everything that her father did to her daughter out on Ellen. Ellen sufferes greatly from her. (chapter 10)
  • Ellen is kicked out at Christmas

    Ellen makes up a lie about having a boyfriend that causes so much comotion that a fight breaks out. This makes the grandmother furious and kicks Ellen out right on the spot and told her to never come back.
  • Ellen Comes to live with her new Mama

    In this part of the book, Ellen was icked out and goes to her new mamas door and is taken in and cared for. She is a loving mother who tries her best to give her everything she needs.
  • Starletta and Ellen in the Bedroom

    This scene shows the struggle of Starletta wth her color and how Ellen realizes that she has already overcome all the bad things in her life and Starletta will forever have to deal with the struggles she has about race.