Elle Martin's Life

  • Born

    I was born in Nashville, TN, at 2:11pm, 9lbs 8oz.
  • Natural Disaster

    Natural Disaster
    Hurricane Katrina hit the south coast and it was devastating.
  • 0-1 years old

    0-1 years old
    While I was only a few months old, my grandparents moved up to Michigan.
  • 1 year old

    1 year old
    During this year, I learned how to walk.
  • 2 years old

    2 years old
    My family and I moved up to Grand Raids, Michigan.
  • 3 years old

    3 years old
    I met my best friend, Lauren, who lived across the street from me in my new house. We're still good friends today.
  • 4 years old

    4 years old
    I went and got my very first build-a-bear-, which was a tradition in my family.
  • 5 years old

    5 years old
    Started kindergarten at Countryside Elementary school with Mrs. Motgummery.
  • 6 years old

    6 years old
    I started gymnastics at the original For The Kidz gym.
  • 7 years old

    7 years old
    My younger brother, Jaxson, was born and I became an older sister.
  • 8 years old

    8 years old
    I joined a Jazz dance team, but hated it and quit before the first performance.
  • Ice-Bucket Challenge

    Ice-Bucket Challenge
    Thousands and thousands of people across America were dumping big buckets of ice water on their heads, nominating their friends and family to do the same, posting it on social media, and donating money ultimately raising billions of dollars for ALS.
  • 9 years old

    9 years old
    I got my ears pierced for my birthday!
  • 10 years old

    10 years old
    My family and I went on a huge cruise and celebrated some birthdays.
  • 11 years old

    11 years old
    Got my dog, Ziggy, he is almost 7 years old now.
  • 12 years old

    12 years old
    I started volleyball and really liked it
  • 13 years old

    13 years old
    My parents got divorced and we had to move into two different places.
  • 14 years old

    14 years old
    I started varsity/highschool swimming and fell in love with it, still do it today.
  • 15 years old

    15 years old
    Had to celebrate my birthday in cars in a random parking lot with some friends and family because of social distancing.
  • Pandemic

    The Covid19 pandemic hit in late 2019, spreading to America in early 2020, causing a global shut down and quarantine.
  • 16 years old

    16 years old
    I finally got my license and started driving with my first car.
  • 17 years old

    17 years old
    I got my first job at Rise Pies Pizza and worked all spring and summer.
  • 18 years old

    18 years old
    Graduated high school to start college in the fall at GRCC.