Elizabeth II live

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  • Born of Elizabeth II

    Born of Elizabeth II
    She was born on 21 April 1926. At that time, she was not destined to be Queen. But when her Uncle Edward abdicated, her father became King. This put her in direct line to the throne.
  • Elizabeth childhood

    Elizabeth childhood
    In 1935 Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret live in London.
  • First official outing

    First official outing
    This is Elizabeth II first official outing with his grandfater.
  • The death of George V

    The death of George V
    Since the death of George V, Edward has been king, but he abdicated, so the father of Elizabeth II become the new king.
  • The coronation

    The coronation
    On 12 May 1937, Elizabeth and Margaret's father is crowned King of the United Kingdom.
  • The visit

    The visit
    In June 1939, Elizabeth visits the Royal Naval College.
  • The war

    The war
    In September 1939, Britain and France declare the war on Germany.
  • First public speech

    First public speech
    On 13 October 1940, Princess Elizabeth made her first public speech, a radio address to all the children listening to this radio broadcast.
  • The christmas of 1943

    The christmas of 1943
    Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret as they appeared in 'Aladdin', the Christmas pantomime performed at Windsor Castle in December 1943.
  • Repairing army vehicles.

    Repairing army vehicles.
    In 1945, Elizabeth joins the army. She is a mechanic.
  • End of the war

    End of the war
    The war in Europe is over.
  • The wedding

    The wedding
    In 1947 Elizabeth marries Prince Philip.
  • The first child

    The first child
    In 1948, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip had their first child, was born in Buckingham Palace.
  • Rest in kenya

    Rest in kenya
    It was February 1952 and Princess Elizabeth was enjoying a short break in Kenya with Prince Philip, her husband of five years.
  • The death of George VI

    The death of George VI
    Elizabeth father died.
  • Elizabeth coronation

    Elizabeth coronation
    The coronation of Elizabeth II took place on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London. Elizabeth II acceded to the throne at the age of 25 upon the death of her father, George VI, on 6 February 1952.
  • Elizabeth children

    Elizabeth children
    Between 1948 and 1964 Elizabeth and Philip have four children: Andrew, Edward, Charles and Anne
  • Nowadays

    Today, Queen Elizabeth is 94 years old. She has been Queen for 68 years. She holds the record for the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Britain.