eli microscope time line

  • Jan 1, 1000

    The first vision aid

    a glass sphere that magnifies objectes
  • Jan 1, 1284

    first eye glasses

    Salvino D'Armate is the creator of the first wearable eye glasses
  • telescope

    a couple of guys put a couple lense in a tube and then a cap and they made a telescope.
  • first microscope

    first microscope
    this would be the first microscope
  • cells found

    cells found
    this was when they first could see cells and poors . they could see thiswith a microscope
  • cleaning lens

    cleaning lens
    they figured out how to clean the lense on the microscopes so then they can see clearer and then they can see more things
  • Technical innovations improved

    Lenses combining two types of glass reduced the "chromatic effect" the disturbing halos resulting from differences in refraction of light.
  • chromatic effect

    chromatic effect
    the glass makes other objects bigger , it would make an object that you want to see that is small
  • ultramicroscope

    study objects below the wavelength of light this invention got a Nobel Prize
  • electron microscope

    electron microscope
    An electron microscope depends on electrons rather than light to view an object, electrons are speeded up in a vacuum
  • phase-contrast microscope

    phase-contrast microscope
    for the study of colorless and transparent biological materials so they could study new objects
  • scanning tunneling microscope

    gives three-dimensional images of objects down to the atomic level