Election Process

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  • Campaigning and Fundraising

    Campaigning and Fundraising
    Groups can support or go against a campaign by giving donations to fund campagns, 222.9 million dollars for the Obama Campaign and 111.8 million dollars for Mitt Romney respectively up to date. Money given is used to make the canidate look good, or the opposing canidate(s) look bad. It is also used to reach out around the country and show what kind of office it will become if he takes office. Debates are also usedby canidates to show their beliefs and strong favoritisms in an unrehearsed mannor.
  • Caucuses and Primaries

    Caucuses and Primaries
    Primaries are held to level out support and cause some canidtates to drop out from the eleciton. Some drop out because of the lack of support, or the lack of money to continue campaigning. The 6 main primaries are Open Primaries, Closed primaries, Semi-closed primaries, semi-open primaries, blanket and run off primaries while other states choose to also hold a caucus.
  • Political Party Conventions

    Political Party Conventions
    At each parties convention, delagates vote on who they would like to be the nominee of their party for the presidential election. That nominee choses from a group of the other nominees who he would like to run with to become the his vice presidential nominee in the coming election.
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    Everyone registered to vote may vote in the electon for whomever they chose. It is not necessary to be enrolled in a party to vote for the corresponding canidate, nor is it wrong to vote for a canidate outsid of the party you belong to.
  • Vote of the electoral College

    Vote of the electoral College
    When voting for the next president of the united staes, you arent voting directly for him. In the polling room you vote for a single state elector. Each state has a different amount of electors and not all of the electors are going to vote for the sma ecanidate. So when the public voting is finished, each state elector votes for their canidate of choice. Then when all of the states have finished, congress meets in joint session to count the vote of the entire electoral college.