Eleanor's Story

Timeline created by walkersms1
  • Eleanor's Birth

    Eleanor's Birth
    Eleanor was born in Stratford in Indiana.
  • Hitler is Declared

    Hitler is Declared
    Eleanor was only eight when she heard that Hitler declared that he took over the Sundentenland province of Czechoslovakia.
  • Leaving Stratford for Germany

    Leaving Stratford for Germany
    Eleanor, Frank (her brother), her mother, and her father left Stratford for Germany. They are leavning because her father got a paying job there.
  • Germany Invades Denamrk and Norway

    Germany Invades Denamrk and Norway
    Eleanor hears many things about Germany's victorious powers including them taking over Denmark and Norway.
  • A Visit from Hitler

    A Visit from Hitler
    At the Hitler Youth Olympics, that Eleanor attended with her friends, Htler sat in the middle top. This was the first time that Eleanor go to see Hitler
  • Highschool

    In September Eleanor started highschool (Not mentioned specific highschool) in Berlin.
  • Tommies Birth

    Tommies Birth
    Eleanor was only 12 when she got her first baby brother. He was born at their apartment buliding in Berlin.
  • Sirens!!

    The first siren for the bombing in Berlin was held in January. This was the first siren that Eleanor had ever heard.
  • Elizabeths Birth

    Elizabeths Birth
    This was the last baby born and she was also born as a late birthday present for Eleanor. Elizabeth was like Tommie, born in their apartment building in Berlin.
  • Russians taking over

    Russians taking over
    The Russians invade Berlin and take things from people. Eleanor had only one encounter of a Russians taking things. He took her watch.
  • The war is over!!

    The war is over!!
    Finally the war caused by the Germans was over. Eleanors family was thrilled.
  • Back to school

    Back to school
    After word on the radio that schools were opening after the war Eleanor was enrolled. Her school was to damaged to be repared so she was transferred to a different one.
  • Returning to America

    Returning to America
    Eleanor and her family were finally returning to America. But there is one problem. Their mother wasn't American and the goverment wouldn't pay for her ticket back to America, so she stayed in Berlin with Tommie and Elizabeth.
  • Mother is Back

    Mother is Back
    Elenanor's father saved enough money for Eleanor's mother to come back to America with Tommie and Elizabeth.
  • Married

    Eleanor married Louis Garner in 1951.
  • Eleanor's 1st son

    Eleanor's 1st son
    Eleanor had her first child in 1952. It was a boy and she named him James.
  • Eleanors 2nd son

    Eleanors 2nd son
    Eleanor had her second son in 1954. It was a boy and named him Thomas.
  • Goodbye Mother

    Goodbye Mother
    Eleanor's much loved mother past away in December.