Eleanor Roosevelt/ susana a

  • Eleanor Birth's

    Eleanor Roossevelt daughter of Anna Hall Roosevelt and Elliot Roosevelt was born . Since she was a baby people notice who unattravtive she was
  • Period: to

    Eleanor Roosevelt´s life

  • Elliot Roosevelt

    Since Eleanor was found unattractive no one really loved her expect her father. But when she was six he left to a sanitarium in Virgina because of his drinking problems.
  • Anna Hall Roosevelt Illnesses

    When her father left just a few moths later her mother got sick . She gain increadible headaches.
  • Brothers

    Her two brothers were born. Eleanor was able to tell that her mother liked/loved them more than her because she was not attractive
  • Mother past away.

    When Eleanor was eight her mother died. Right after her dead, one of eleanor's little bother got sick with Diphteria and died. she and her baby bother were taken to Manhattan were they lived with their grandmother .
  • Father past away.

    At the age of 10 with her father yet still in the santuarium she was told he had past away.
  • Allenswood , London , England

    At the age of 15 , Eleanor was sent to a boarding school in London, England. There she started playing Hocky and gain the respect from her classmates. They admired her instead of teasing her. She even learnt French.
  • Uncle Theodore Roosevelt

    During this year Eleanor's uncle beaceme the president of The United States.
  • Back to the United States and cathing feelings

    In 1902 Eleanor left Allenswood and got back to the United Sates. The teasing began again but no matter what she was helping other , She started working with poor children on New York Lower East Side. Also something unspected happened, she felt in love with a long distance cousine, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They first met by chance in a train and started going out in secret.
  • Marriage Proposal.

    In 1903 Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt were engaged.
  • Married

    On march 17 1905 they were officially married . Things were rough at first because Franklin's mother took all the decitions in their family and Eleanor could not take it . After all they came out as a strong relationship.
  • First born

    On May 1906 they had their fisrt child. Five others came along but one of them died during infancy.
  • Franklin's carrear is rising and illeneses

    In 1910 he was elected the New York senate. Then he became the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913 He was alselect the candidate for vice-president by the Democratic Party. But the Roosevelts' life took a turn when Franklin got sick with polio. Everyone wanted him to stay still but Eleanor said that he shall not be treated like a sick person and with her support he became the Governor of New York (1928) and finally in 1932 he became the president of The United States.
  • Eleanor's part in WWII

    She helped the Red Cross and also visited hospital on the South Pacific. She stopped at every bed and said something motherly like to each soldier.
  • End of WW2 and great lost.

    During spring of 1945 you could tell that the World War II was coming to and end. But tragic news got to Eleanor , Franklin her dear husband had past away while he was getting some "free" time away from Washington D.C
  • Truman's Invitation (UN)

    The new president of the United States invited Eleanor to be one of the American delegates in London during the United Nations assembly. There she fough for her beliefs and also took part in the writing of the draft of the Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Declaration of Human Rights and departure from the UN

    At this point the Declaration of h-uman Rights were approved by the United Nations Assemble 43 against 0 votes. After this accomplishement she call it off with the UN but continued traveling and doing her daily column "Dy Day" , she also appeared in televesion.
  • "the First Lady of the World"

    Eleanor's doctor told her to takeit easy. At first she did not listened and continued traveling but at the age of 78 she died in her sleep. She was burried next to her husband in Hyde park. She is remembered as the First Lady of the World.