economic impacts

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  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith
    Adam Smith was a Scottish philosopher who became a political economist in the midst of the Scottish Enlightenment. He is best known for The Theory of Moral Sentiments and An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

    Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
    is a prominent bank established and based in Hong Kong since 1865 when Hong Kong was a colony of the British Empire.
  • Standard Oil

    Standard Oil
    Standard Oil benefited the economy was with its practice of being highly efficient, resulting in what was known as “cracking” crude oil, which resulted in a much higher yield of gasoline.
  • Karl Marx

    Karl Marx
    German philosopher, his political and philosophical thought had enormous influence on subsequent intellectual, economic and political history
  • De Beers

    De Beers
    De Beers the world's most powerful monopoly, they took on many forms around the world as its influence in the diamond trade grew. To control supply and demand and prices Rhodes created distribution arms through "The Diamond Syndicate,"
  • Cecil Rhodes

    Cecil Rhodes
    Rhodes was an imperialist, businessman and politician who played a dominant role in southern Africa in the late 19th Century, driving the annexation of vast swathes of land. He founded the De Beers diamond firm which until recently controlled the global trade.
  • Unilever

    Founded by the merging of the Lever Brothers and Samuel van de Bergh's companies. Transnational company, Europe's 7th most valuable company.
  • sanford and james dole

    sanford and james dole
    The Hawaiian Pineapple Co is an example of a failed
    company where the records survived. In 1932 a new company was
    organized that acquired the failed company’s name and assets
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford developed the assembly line mode of production, which revolutionized the automotive industry. As a result, Ford sold millions of cars and became a world-famous business leader
  • United Fruit Company

    United Fruit Company
    United Fruit dominated the industry with 90% control of the banana import business in the US. They controlled the European market. By 1930 United Fruit was the largest employer in Central America.