Early River Civilizations 2

  • 5000bce

  • 3000bce

    River valley civilizations began to form.
    People were coming together and building permanent homes.
  • 2700bce

    Prayer became a part of daily life.
    Religion had become an important part of society.
  • 2600bce

    Urban civilizations began using Indus script.
    They had a unimform and organized way of writing and recording history.
  • 2500bce

    Mojenjo-Daro's population began to grow.
    They had the ability to supply food and water for a growing population.
  • 1900bce

    The civilization began to decline.
    They were weak and susceptible to attack.
  • 1500bce

    Aryans invade and overrun cities and towns.
    The Indus people are no longer in charge of their towns and many had to flee their homes.They were no longer powerful.
  • 500bce

    Hindus began to record in Vedas.
    Hinduism had become very advance and they were beganing to make a uniform book on it.
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