Early 19th Cntury Immigration Pd. 7

  • Labor strike

    This is the year the great Labor Strike Began
  • Slaves

    Slaves were brought to AMerica to work. But if they were brought to VA they were banned and set free.
  • 157.5 people lived in New york

    allot of immigrnats that came to america and went in to New York
  • Period: to

    Early Immigration antebellum ara

  • Immigration as rising

    In 1831 the postarted toio rpluation for immigrants was really low and then it rise in 1832
  • Trade Union

    The new trade union was created in america.
  • Great strike

    People went on strike for 10hrs. Because they got liad off of work of immigrants.
  • Union

    The union went up to about 300,000. There were 300,000 people there.
  • Panic of 1837

  • Great Famine

    THis is when the Irish came and the Great Famine started
  • Irish Immigration

    Irish people came here to America to get jobs and better lives.
  • Food

    They shippes foo al across the Atlanitac Ocean. Most people starved on the way there.
  • USS

    The USS bought 800tons of supplies, Like Food,cloths,water and much more
  • Womens rights convention

    Women had a cvonveention for the rights that they had
  • 257.5 live in new york

    More immigrants came to America and moved to New York
  • Railroad

    Railroads streched across the United States to help develop factories.