Dwight D. Einsenhower

  • D-Day

    the beginning of the end for the war in Europe. Eisenhower was promoted to the rank of General of the Army (5 stars) in December of that year.
  • End of Korean War

    End of Korean War
    persuaded Americans to accept a negotiated peace and convince the Chinese that failure to reach an agreement would lead to consequences.
  • Atoms for peace

    Atoms for peace
    Devoloped "Atoms for peace" program that supplied and gave information about nuclear technology to less advanced countries and also through out the U.S
  • Federal Aid Higway Act

    Federal Aid Higway Act
    This gave birth to America's interstate highway system. Eisenhower worked hard to get the bill passed and it was his favorite piece of legislation.
  • Civil Rights Bill

    Civil Rights Bill
    primarily a voting rights bill, was the first civil rights legislation enacted by Congress in the United States.