Due Process Timeline

  • Suzzy Pens Normal Routine

    Suzzy walks home right after school like normal but today is different because a guy by the name of Bill White is stalking her and has been since she got out of school. He is making a plan...
  • Period: to

    Kidnapping of Suzzy Penn

  • The Kidnapping

    Bill White kidnapps Suzzy Pen
  • Suzzy's Parents are wondering what is up

    Suzzy's Parents call the Cops
  • Cops Searching

    Cops are looking and find out that a runner in the neighborhood saw a girl get in the car with a man that had a Red 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible.
  • Cops Search

    Cops start looking everywhere for the red mustang convertible and finally track the car down in Woodbury County
  • Questoning Bill White

    The police have to get a search warrant to be able to search house. They recieve it and bring the tactical team and can not find Suzzy at first but try to start questioning him and he pleads the fifth and does not have to answer and questions that will hurt him.
  • The Finding

    They finally find Suzy Penn Bill White's house in the basement in a hidden room. Now Bill White is faced will be faced with kinapping in the first degree. Will soon go to trial.
  • Trial

    Bill white is charged with kinapping and is in court . Bill White used his Miranda Rights and got represented by a Lawyer. The Lawyers presented all the evidence and the witnesses. The Judge eventually ruled he was guilty and was faced with 25 years in Prison with the chance of no parolle.