due process project

  • disturbance

    police get a call from a neighbor saying they believe the house from across the street is selling drugs. cops say they will monitor the house.
  • Period: to

    due process

  • Period: to

    due process

  • cops get warrant

    cops get a warrant for the house being a suspected drug house. cops raid the house and find 2 pounds of marjiuana and a kilo of cocaine. Rob burgandy and veronica corningstone are brought into custody.
  • speak to lawyers

    ron and veronica meet their lawyers and discuss what went on and what they will do for the trial
  • initial hearing

    judge meets with defendants and plaintiff and says that the trial will start on May 1st. and are put on 500,000 bond
  • jury is picked

    the jury is set for the trial
  • evidence is examined for the trial

    the lawyers and judge meet to see what evidence will be used in court and what cant be used in court
  • trial start

    trial starts and evidence is shown to the jury.
  • case is taken into juries hands

    the jury starts to vote on if they are guilty and what the penalty will be.
  • verdict

    jury comes to a verdict and gives each person 10 years in prison and a 10000 dollar fine. there time will begin on june 10th