Dualist era

  • laws of 1868

    The nationalities have got rights regarding their languages but they didn't get autonomy. Also there was a law on education which demand the compulsory education between the age of 6 - 12.
  • 1867

    Francish Joseph appointed Andrássy Gyula as a Prime minister and also Francis Joseph was crowned. Also the basis of the April laws was restored with some modification.
  • Tisza Government

    Tisza Government
    A government that head was Tisza Kálmán. He was the grey general and he reformed the Upper House in a way that its members supported him. This government existed between 1867 and 1890.
  • Croatian Hungarian compromise

    Croatian Hungarian compromise
    Croatia gained autonomy.
  • Wekerle Government

    Wekerle Government
    Wekerle made huge improvements in marige. He created the Civil Mariage which made it possible to marry without the church and also divorce became possible. (1892-1895)
  • Tisza Government

    Tisza Government
    Tisza Isván, the son of Tisza Kálmán was the head of this government. (1903-1905)
  • Tissue voting

    Tissue voting
    The opposition couldn't deliver their speech in the parliament.
  • Coalitional Government

    Coalitional Government
    1906-1910, the opposition won the elections. Their head was Kossuth Ferenc, who wasn't as good in politics as his father but he had the name.