Dualist era

By Sacaa
  • Period: to

    Governed Hungary

    Deák Party after the compromise led by Andrássy Gyula
  • Period: to


    Prime Minister of the third responsible Hungarian government. He became the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Croatian-Hungarian Compromise

    Croatian-Hungarian Compromise
    Croatia got autonomy
  • Law on education

    Law on education
    Compulsory education between the age of 6-12. (Eötvös)
  • Law on nationalities

    Nationalities did not get autonomy but wide range of rights regarding their languages
  • Period: to


    flourishing period
  • Csemegi codex

    Csemegi codex
    The first administrative and legal reform.
  • Civil Marriage Act

    Civil Marriage Act
    Reception of the Jewish religion.
  • "Zsebkendőszavazás"

    Members of the opposition could not deliver their speech.
  • Period: to

    Tisza's second government

    Managed to get rid off the obstruction. He almost got killed. Entered the First World War.