• Period: to

    Andrássy Government

    Prime Minister of the third responsible Government.
  • Law on Nationalities

    Law on Nationalities
    Created by Eötvös János, where nationalities did not get autonomy, but Hungary tolerated them and they had equal rights. They could use their own language, but Hungarian was the only one political nation
  • Merge of Budapest

    Merge of Budapest
    In 1873 Buda, Pest and Óbuda merged and became the center of Hungary
  • Antisemitism

    Blood libel of Tiszaeszlár, what was a false execution.
    Istóczy István established the Országos Antiszeminista Párt
  • Transylvanian Memoradium

    Transylvanian Memoradium
    Petition of the Romanians of Transylvania to Franz Joseph, where they asked for equal ethnic rights with the Hungarians. It resulted in imprisonment for the authors in charge of nationalist agitation
  • Religious emancipation

    Religious emancipation
    Nationalities could practice their own religion
  • Zsebkendőszavazás

    Members of the opposition could not have their speech
  • Law on education

    Law on education
    Created by Lex Apponyi, who was the minister of religion and education. Contained, that after the fourth class, every student should do a test to show their Hungarian abilities. If it was not successful, then the school had to close. Over 2000 schools closed. That way nationalities could not be strong, and exclude the idea of turning against Hungary
  • Cernová Massacre

    Cernová Massacre
    Consecration of the local Church, not the wanted Pope and the crowd was upset and rising up, the military fired into the crowd and 15 people died