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Donna Haraway (September 6, 1944 - Present)

  • Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto

    Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto
    Haraway is a feminist scholar who trained as a scientist before taking a role in philosophy of science to “investigate how beliefs about gender shaped the production of knowledge and nature.”In 1985 she published her most famous text, A Cyborg Manifesto. It began as an assignment on feminist strategy after the election of Ronald Reagan and became an “oracular meditation on how cybernetics and digitization had changed what it’s meant to be male or female- or, really any kind of person.”
  • Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto Cont.

    Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto Cont.
    Gender from the cyborg vision as changing or changeable was radically new. Haraway mapped how information technology linked people worldwide to new chains of exploitation, affiliation and solidarity. In A Cyborg Manifesto Haraway explores the history of the relationship between humans and machines. The cyborg defined by Haraway is “a creature in a post-gender world; it has no truck with bisexuality,pre-oedipal symbosis, unalienated labour, or other seductions to organic wholeness...”
  • Donna Haraway: Cyberfeminism “I’d rather be a Cyborg than a Goddess”

    Donna Haraway: Cyberfeminism “I’d rather be a Cyborg than a Goddess”
    For generations women were told they were “naturally” weak, overly emotional, submissive and couldn’t think abstractly as if these generalizations were innate to women. Haraway believed we can all be reconstructed like a cyborg, given the right tools if women and men aren’t natural but “constructed”. In conjunction with technology, Haraway states “it’s possible to construct your identity, your sexuality, even your gender, just as you please.”
  • Donna Haraway: Cyborg Philosophy

    Donna Haraway: Cyborg Philosophy
    Being a cyborg is about networks, not only the about the freedom to construct yourself. Haraway believed once Descartes announced his famous quote“I think, therefore I am”The western world developed an unhealthy obsession with selfhood as if the world revolves around each individual.“Human beings are always already immersed in the world, in producing what it means to be human in relationships with each other and with objects.”To conclude “Technology is not neutral...