Dolly Sumner Lunt

  • The day of the Battle of Atlanta

    The day of the Battle of Atlanta
    The battle of atlantaThere was loud sounds of cannons, everyone was under a lot of stress. There were stampedes of people, wagaons pulled by horses, people were yellin "the yankees are coming". She was told by her neighbor to hide her mules and carriges, and whatever things that she had that were valuable. So she asked her daughter and slaves to help her hide her things. Including soap, meat, bread, dresses, and cloths were all things they hid. Underground, understeps, and in the cabin.
  • The Yankees left

    The Yankees left
    What was a depot?The yankees left this day, after burning all the buildings around the depot. The rest of the day was peaceful, and her son john had returned before bed and the rest of the night was more normal.
  • Raid, destruction of railroads

    Raid, destruction of railroads
    What happened to the imprisoned citizens?There was no church on that Sunday, people did not want to leave there homes. The Yankees stole the preachers horse, and Geurrard was the man who led the raid. They were there to destroy the railroads, but while they were there they destroyed peoples private property, and had took and imprisoned citiizens.
  • A break

    A break
    By now things have calmed down and people are begging to settle. They recovered some of the things they had hidden from the yankees. They were being more hopeful each day that nothing happened.
  • Yankees head towards Macon

    Yankees head towards Macon
    They have gotten no sleep, and it was reported that the Yankees left Convignton and were headed to Macon. On the way they robbed every house, Taking everything, the food, clothes, blankets,gold, silver. They even took silk dresses and hid them under the saddle of there horse, even though they had no use for them." Is this the way to make us love them and their Union?" quotes Dolly. People didn't understand how that was a way to make the south want to be one with the union.
  • Yankees entered Dollys home.

    Yankees entered Dollys home.
    What the Yankees woreAs soon as she was getting up, her slave (aunt Julia) pointed out that there were Soldiers that in the the streets. Sure enough blue coats, (the Yankees). Dolly ran up stairs to get dressed, and her slave called to her saying there were two yankees coming up the steps. Dolly asked to have her bedroom door to be locked andn to see what the soldiers wanted. The soldiers welcomed themseleves into the house. Didn't touch anything, They didn't say much then they left.
  • Deciding the fate of the Confederacy

    Deciding the fate of the Confederacy
    How slaves were treatedOn this day, the fate of the confederacy is suppose to be decided. Weather Lincoln will be realected or not, depends on the future of the south. Dolly does not feel that slavery is completly right but in her bible there is nothing against it. She never considered her slaves, as "slaves" becuase she treated them fairly, but she does see the way other slaves are treated.
  • The yankees are coming back

    The yankees are coming back
    what is lard?Her family slept in there clothes, incase they needed to leave at any moment. That morning the yankees entered her home, she told her slaves to hide. Yankees took all her meat, lard, butter, eggs, chickens everything even her slaves, had been taken/ran off. Believe it or not her slave boys did not want to go, and some of them didn't. Everything execpt the house was burnt dow or torn down.
  • Yankees making them selves at home

    Yankees making them selves at home
    Now the yankees welcomed themsleves in everyones home. When they wanted water, or coffee, or something to eat they would just take it or ask whoever occupied the home to serve it to them. One of the neighbors husbands were thought to be hanged. Everyone was completly lost and had no idea what to do.
  • Wedding

    about weddings in this timeShe attended her friends wedding, that had been put off for a while after the yankees invaded because her husband had trouble returning with all the things going on. The yankees told her her husband was taken prisoner and shot, that wasnt true because a few weeks later he returned and they got married. That was the closest thing to normal in awhile.
  • Chritsmas eve

    Thankfully the yankees hadn't returned yet, but it was a very dull day. Knowing Sadie (her daughter) would wake up to no presents from Santa and an empty stocking. The only yhing they could do was set off fireworks. Which was a southern tradition to set off fireworks on christmas eve/day.
  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
    What was Christmas like during the Civil War?Sadie woke up and went to open her stocking expecting that Santa came and left things for her, but nothing. It really hurt everyone to see her hurt like that. But there was nothing they could do because they had been robbed of everything, and slowly recovering but not close to having what they had.
  • making soap

    making soap
    How soap was madeThe different beliefs in slavesOn this day the cook Julia started to make soap again, she was a believer in the moon and would not make soap when the moon was at it's smallest or largest phase.