Divergent Major Events

By MaggieP
  • Aptitude Test

    Aptitude Test
    Once the kid turn 16, they must take an aptitude test to determine what faction they belong in. The different factions they can get are, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Candor, and Erudite. Beatrice, the main character, has different results than others. She gets 3 factions; Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. Because she got 3 results, she is diveregent. She is told not to tell anyone because people fear the divergent, and they don't understand them.
  • Period: to


  • Choosing Day

    Choosing Day
    The chossing day is the day that the kids choose what faction they will live in for the rest of their lives. Some kids choose the faction they are born into, and others choose different ones. They ones that choose a different faction, can't see their family again, or communicate wiht their old faction or else they are considered traitors. Beatrice desides to choose Dauntless, and leave her mom and dad behind in Abnegation. Her brother chooses Erudite, and also leaves their parents.
  • Initiation- Train

    Initiation- Train
    In order to be a part of the faction they chose, the kids must do several initiation activities. If they fail any of the exercises, they are left factionless, which is basically homeless. The first thing they must do to get into Dauntless, is jump into and out of a moving train and onto a building. Beatrice does this without difficulty, but others do not.
  • More initiation

    More initiation
    Once they get onthe roof, they have to jump off a roof and into a pit in the ground. Beatrice decides to go first. When they ask her what her m]name is, she quickly comes up with a nickname, "Tris". This is what they call her from that point on in the book. after she safely jumps in the pit and lands on a mat. A guy named Four helps her up. Later on, she finds out Four is her instructor.
  • Fighting-Ranks

    As a part of initiation, all the initiates must fight each other to get a good ranking. The top 15 ranked initiates will become members of Dauntless. Tris got the results back and she was in the top 5.
  • Capture the Flag

    Capture the Flag
    The Dauntless trainers take the initiates down town to play capture the flag. Tris and Four are on the same team, and Tris decides to climb the abandonded ferris wheel to get a better look. Four follows her to make sure she doesn't get hurt. As they aare climbing, Tris learns that one of Fours big fears is of heights. When they get to the top, Tris spots the other teams flag. They climb down to capture, and succeed.
  • Final Initiation tests

    Final Initiation tests
    For the last part of initiation, the initiates must face their fears in a fear simulation. Because Tris is divergent, simulations don't affect her. Her fears include, getting trapped in a glass box, being intimate with four, and more. She is able to get through her fears in the shortest time possible, and she doesn't even know it. Everyone is amazed at her speed, and she is ranked in first place.
  • Simulation-part A

    Simulation-part A
    One night, Tris wakes up to see what she thinks is everyone sleep walking out the door. She then realizes that they were all put under some sort of simulation and she wasn't affected by it because of the fact that she is Divergent. she decides to follow what everyone else is doing and hope to find Four, who is also Divergent. She follows and mimicks them as they get weapons, armour, and head to the trains.
  • Simulation-Part B

    Simulation-Part B
    When the train stops, Tris and Four both recognize that they are in the Abnegation part of town. As all the other Dauntless members exit the train so go off and kill Abnegation members, Tris and Four make a run for it. Unfortunately, they get caught. they are taken to the one person in charge of all of this; jeanine.
  • Jeanine

    Jeanine is the leader of the Erudite, and is responsible for this whole simulation. She wants to destroy the Abnegation, but doesn't say why. When she gets Four and Tris, Tris is already injured do jeanine decides that she will not need Tris, but will kill her instead. Four is healthy however, and Jeanine wants to try a special simulation for the Divergent on him. It works; he acts completely different and is under jeanines control.
  • Tris' Mom

    Tris' Mom
    In order to kill Tris, Jeanine decides to put her in a glass box and fill it with water so she will drown. It's like what happened in her fear simulation, only this time she won't be able to escape. At the very last second, Tris' mom bursts through the door and breaks the glass, saving Tris. As they run down the halls of the Dauntless head quarters where she was ent, Tris notices that her mom knows every turn. She later finds out that her mom used to be Dauntless.
  • Safety House

    Safety House
    As they run for shelter, a few dauntless find them. Tris' mom tells Tris to go to the safe house and that she will distract the guards. Tris then sees her mother get shot, and watches as she dies. Very shaken up, Tris runs as ffast as she can to the safe house where her brother, dad, and other Abnegation members wait in hiding. Tris and her brother, father, and 2 others decide to go back to stop Jeanine while the others head for safety in other factions.
  • Four

    When they get to the headquarters, Tris and her father go up to try and stop the simulation. Her father is fighting off gurads and gets shot and killed. This makes Tris even more mad, sad, and determined. She reaches the room where the controls are and sees someone controllong them; Four. He acts different from usual and doesn't recognize Tris. they fight for a while, and Tris decides to just taalk to him so he will recognize her. It works and they destroy the controls and flee.
  • Safety

    Tris and Four reunite with Tris' brother, and they get on the train and head towards the Amity headquarters, where the others went to. they are finally safe...for now. the book ends here, but the action continues on in the second book.