• Nazi outline political agenda

    the first piblic meeting of the nazi party took place in Munich, Germany. The party platform emobodies racism; it demands racial purity in germany.
  • the first volume of mein kampf appears

    Adulf Hitler wrote this while in prision. He outlined his racial ideas.He envisioned a war of conquest in the east, with the Slavic peoples enslaved to German interests.He believed the Jews to be an exceptional evil, working within the nation to subvert "racial purity.
  • hitler.

    Adulf Hitler is appointed councilar of germany (a nation with a jewish population of 566,000.
  • nazi state

    Adolf Hitler issues the Law to Prevent Hereditarily Diseased Offspring.
  • about the jew

    Jews are banned from the German labour front.
  • about the jew

    Jew are not allowed national health
  • hitler

    Hitler becomes Fuher
  • Nazi and Jew

    Nazi ban jews serviving the military
  • Nazi and Jew

    Nazi forces Jews to hand over all gold and silver items.
  • Russians and Jews

    Russians liberate budapest, freeing over 80,000 jews.