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  • Nacimiento de Avril Lavigne

    Avril Lavigne cantante, compositora, diesñadora de moda. Reina de Rock nacida en Belleville, Canda, en 27/sep/1984.
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  • Let Go

    1. Losing Grip
    2. Complicated 3.Skaer Boi 4.I´m With You
    3. Mobile
    4. Unwatned 7.Tomarron
    5. Anything Bur Ordinary
    6. Things I´ll Never Say 10.My World
    7. Vobody´s Fool
    8. Too Mu To Ask 12.Naked FUENTES
  • My World

    1. Fuel
    2. Basket Case
    3. Unwanted 4.Sk8er Boi
    4. Knocking on Heaven´s Door
    5. Why Fuente
  • Under my skin

    1.Take Me Away
    3.Don't Tell Me
    4.He Wasn't
    5.How Does It Feel
    6.My Happy Ending
    7.Nobody's Home
    9.Who Knows
    10.Fall To Pieces
    11.Freak Out
    12.Slipped Away
  • The best Damm thing