Dillon Carrow 4th hour

  • ME!!!

    i was born!
  • Period: to


  • first rode a horse.

    first rode a horse.
    with my aunt and parents
  • first played sports.

    first played sports.
    played t-ball.
  • first time i learned to swim.

    first time i learned to swim.
    my dad paid me to swim a certain distance without touchin the bottom.
  • first time i drove.

    first time i drove.
    i drove a golf cart.
  • first criuse vacation!

    we went to cozmel mexico and progresso.
  • first lifted weights

    first lifted weights
    with my older brother and his friends.
  • first real girlfriend

    first grade
  • first dirk bike.

    first dirk bike.
    90cc dirt bike.
  • first went hunting.

    first went hunting.
    went with my dad and older brother.
  • first gun

    first gun
    243 winchester