Diesel Engine

  • Dr.Rudolph Diesel was born

    He was born in Paris at March 18, 1858.
  • Set up his first shop laboratory

    Diesel set up his first shop-laboratory in Paris and began his 13-year of creating the diesel engine.
  • Published a paper about his invention

    In 1893, he published a paper describing an engine.
  • Filed a patent

    He filed for a patent for his new invention, called the diesel engine.
  • Improved his design by 75% percent

    He had improved upon his designs and had developed another model with a theoretical efficiency of 75 percent.
  • Operated engine

    He operated his first successfull engine
  • Starting getting money from his work

    Diesel starting getting money from all his work and became a millionaire.
  • Improved a faster diesel

    In 1908 Diesel and the Swiss mechanical created a faster-running engine that turned at 800 rpm.
  • 70,000 diesel engines working around the world

    There were more than 70,000 diesel engines working around the world
  • Death

    He mysteriously disappeared and still todya no one knows where he went.
  • First vehicle to use a diesel engine

    A man truck was the first vehicle to use a diesel engine.
  • Trucks and Buses started using the diesel engines

    Trucks and buses also started using diesel engines that let them to carry heavy loads much more economically.