Development of the Catholic Church in Australia

By Mowen
  • First Fleet Arive

    The first fleet arive in Australia, landing in Sydney Cove. The first mass in Australia was said by Father Receveur.
  • Period: to

    Catholic Church in Australia

  • First Public Mass

    The first ever public mass in Australia was said by Father Dixon
  • The First Priests

    The first "official" priests to arrive in Australia, Fathers Therry and Conolly.
  • The First Church

    The construction of the first Catholic church was built in Richmond, Tasmania
  • The First Bishop

    Bede Polding became the first bishop in Australia
  • Provinces and Dioceses

    The Catholic Church is divided up into Provinces and Dioceses, each run by A bishop. There is also ArchBishops ruling the Archdioceses.
  • Mercy Sisters

    The Mercy Sisters arived in Queensland
  • St. Mary's Cathedral fired

    St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney was destroyed by a fire.
  • The Christian Brothers

    The Christian Brothers arrive in Melbourne.
  • Marist Brothers School

    The Marist Brothers open their first school in
  • Vaughn is the new one

    Roger Vaughn becomes the Archbishop of Sydney
  • Jesuits

    The Jesuits arive in Sydney.
  • Archibishop Moran

    Moran becomes an Archbishop
  • Promotion!

    Moran gets upgraded to Cardinal.
  • Women's League

    The Catholic Women's League was founded.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral

    St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, was completed.
  • New Archbishop

    Norman Thomas Gilroy becomes the Archbishop of Sydney
  • No More Funding

    The Government decided not to support any Religious Schools or include it in any part of their corriculum.
  • Death!

    Death of Archbishop Mannix
  • Paul VI

    The Pope, Paul VI visited Australia and consecrates first Papuan-born Bishop
  • New Maronite diocese

    Paul VI establishes Maronite diocese in Australia
  • New Archbishop

    Appointment of Dr Thomas Francis Little Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Visit from the Pope

    John Paul II visited Australia
  • New Diocece

    John Paul II establishes a Melkite Diocece.
  • Uni

    Foundation of the Australian Catholic University
  • Mary Mackillop

    John Paul II visits Australia for the Beatification of Mary Mackillop
  • St. Mary's Cathedral

    St. Mary's Cathedral is Completed.