Development of Democracy in the UK

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  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    Magna Carta "Great Charter", attempts to limit the abusal of power by the king by implementing a fedual system
  • Oct 1, 1532


    Reformation occured. Church of England established.
  • English Civil War

    English Civil War
    Common Wealth established, monarchy abolished, major step in Enlgish Democracy, also gave American colonies a taste of life independent of royal rule
  • King Charles I

    King Charles I
    King Charles I beheaded ends monarchy
  • The Glorious Revolution

    the overthrow of King James the II
    also known as the Revolution of 1688
  • The Act of Settlement

    settle the succession of the english throne.
  • Great Reform Act

    Male property owners allowed to vote
  • Secomd Reform act

    Male household heads allowed to vote
  • National Insuarance Act

    Gave healthcare and unemployment
  • 1926 - Balfour Declaration (Imperial Conference)

    This Document declares the United Kingdom and its imperial nations equal in status in all matters. This replaced the principle of a hierachial relationship. Important step towards independance for many countries, such as Austria.
  • Crash

    New york stock exchange crashed, economic slump hit Britain
  • Statute of Westminster Adoption Act

    Austria adopted an Act of the British Parliament which set out as law the independence of many governments, thus becoming Dominions, instead of colonies, under the British commonwealth.
  • 1945-1970s

    Communist electoral victories during the cold war worries the United Kingdom.
    Classical Social Democracy
  • Treaty of Brussels

    The Treaty of Brussels was signed, providing for economic, social and cultural collaboration and collective self defiance.
  • 1979 General Election

    1979 General Election
    The 1979 Election was one of the most famous in history as Britain elected its first woman Prime Minister in Margaret Thatcher.
  • Brown pledges prudence

    Brown pledges prudence
    Delivering his first Budget, the Chancellor Gordon Brown told MPs he had identified the UK's four key economic problems: "instability, under-investment, unemployment, and waste of talent".
  • 2007

    Threat level reached a high of "critical" after a series of suspected terrorist attacks.
  • 2010

    The conservative party won an election that ended the Labour Party's 13 year hold. David Cameron becomes the new Prime minister.
  • Period: to

    Imperialism / Colonial Mercantilism

    doctrine gives the gov't control of foreign trade.(tariffs, bans, wages, etc.)
  • Period: to

    General Strike

    wanted to prevent wage reduction. Martial law was enaced-military rule