development in australia role within the united nation

  • the UN charter

    50 nation signed the UN charter in San fancisco
  • end of WW2

    on this day WW2 ended, after germany surrendered, the only country lefted to defeat is the japanese and on the 15 of August 1945 america droped and atomic bomb in japan and ended the WW2
  • The birth of the UN

    the united nations organisation came into being, the organisation was made official on this day, with only one aim which was to preserve peace and to enforce equility in every nation.
  • Australia in the UN

    Australia became part of the UN.
  • special agency

    Australia was given a role as the (UNESCO) united nation education scientific and cultural organization
  • Dr evatt

    Doc evatt became the president of general assembly of the UN
  • The Un

    the united nation passed the universal declaration of human right
  • Korean war

    the korean war started between the communist and democratic part of korea (North VS south)
  • Descrimination against womens

    Australia signed the convention to the elimination of all forms of descrimination againt womens
  • peace keeping

    Australian peacekeepers where sent to east timorist to help the timorist people
  • Un convention

    Australia signs the UN mellemnium development goals to be achieved by 2015