Democratization of Botswana

By K_ammi
  • Bechuanaland

    Khama the 3rds application is approved and Britain proclaims a protectorate over their Tswana allies and the Kalahari as far north as the Ngwato. Due to Khama's willingness, Britain did not resort to imperialism and Britain's colonization began.
  • Banishment

    With growing interest in independence Seretse Khama the grandson of Khama is thought to be the ideal candidate to take over the reins of the new country. Due to his international relationship with an English woman, he is banished thousands of miles away for six years. This leaves him without any pull in politics.
  • Independence

    By this time demands for independence had grown dramatically amongst British territories in Africa. Independence movements were a result of countries wanting to reduce the amount of foreign power within their governments.
  • Seretse Khama leads Botswana to independence

    Britain accepts Botswana's(previously known as Bechuanaland) proposal for sovereignty as a democratic self-government. Khama is elected president of the new Nation-State and Gaborone is made the capital.