decomposition dig

  • hypothesis

    which one of the items decompose the most? the apple,foil,orange,styprofome,sun chips bag,newspaper,reg.chips
  • Procedure

    Today we buried 8 items in the ground 8 to see what would happen to them over time.
  • problem

    what are the decomposition rates of the different items
  • Equipment and Materials

    Equipment and Materials
    Today we used shovels,wooden stakes to mark our spot where the 8 items are going to be buried.We also used police tape to circle around the items that were buried.Also we used a sledge hammer to hammer the stakes into the ground
  • Dig day

    Dig day
    today we dug the 8 items and covered them up with dirt. So after we covered them up we created a timeline to see how much they will decompose and guessing what will happen to them over the past 9 weeks.
  • ground tempature

    ground tempature
    so after we dug and covered everything up im coming up with a solution that the apple will decompose the most out of the 8 items because the ground is warm so the worms will eat the apple and ants could make holes through the apple.
  • Thursdays Weather

     Thursdays Weather
    today the weather outside is 44 degrees feirhiet,and the wind speed is 12 mph NE,and the baro press is 30.16in. The humdidity is 50 percent. But it could get warmer today..because throghout the whole week it has been warm except for today so the ground could possibly be cold or warm?
  • Styrofome

    This week i am doing a hypothesis over styrofome and i am going to tell you about how you can reduce it reuse it or recycle it. You can recycle styrofome cups or plates to help the environment from choking on it and dying which can kill the environment fast. so why wait and go recycle the litered styrofome
  • Friday Weather

    Today's Weather
    Wind speed-5 mph NW
    Humid-66 percent
  • 2nd week weather

  • wednesday weather

    wednesday weather
    Todays weather
    humidity-41 percent
    and cloudy and cold
  • Aluminum-Foil

    This week i am guessing what the foil will look like before we dig it up. My guess is that it will have dirt and it would most likely be tore up form rocks and ants and other insect
  • Third weeks weather

    Third weeks weather
    Todays weather
    Tempature-48 degrees
    Wind-15mph NW
    Humid-48 percent
  • Tuesdays Weather

    Tuesdays Weather
    todays weather outside is
    Humidity-19 percent
  • 4th week weather

    4th week weather
    today the weather is
    Tempature-55 degreese
    Wind speed-15-28 mph North
  • Paper

    You can recycle paper to save a tree and it help make more things like pencils paper and other things you might need for this world.
  • Regular chips observation

    Regular chips observation
    The reg. chips didnt decompose alot about 5 percent it was dirty and wet
  • Cotton

    Cotton is in clothes that you wear and in feilds or in yoour yard. It is sometimes in food.
  • Apple

    Apples are knw for great nutrition value, and consist of 80 calories and 21 grams. They are a good mouth freshener and has alot of vitamins and nutrients that give your body the energy.
  • Weather

    Today's Weather is cloudy with a 20 pecent rain chance and the tempature outside is 54 degreese
  • Cotton observation

    Cotton observation
    The cotton just got muddy and wet
  • Period: to

    Decomposition Dig

  • Sun Chips Bag

    Sun Chips Bag
    Decomposed alot.
  • Orange observation

    Orange observation
    The orange has decomposed alot and was muddy and dirty
  • Paper observations

    Paper observations
    The paper decomposed alot about 45 percent of it and it was dirty and wet
  • Orange

    This week we are guessing what could have happened to the orange for the past 7 weeks. I think it will have black spots and some skin peeled off and it would probably have worms or other insects
  • Apple conclusion

    Apple conclusion
    The apple was torn up and waseaten by bugs about 50 perecent was eaten
  • Foil obsevation

    Foil obsevation
    The foil got dirty and didnt decompose
  • Regular Chips Bag

    Regular Chips Bag
    I think the regular chips bag will not be torn that much and willl have dirt all over it.