Death in Ice Valley and my own research for Isdal Woman - A New Direction

  • Aske: Anneliese Meindl in Stavanger/Norway

    Anneliese Meindl in Norway from February
  • Own idea - Ingeborg Weber arrested as spy in Germany

    Ingeborg Weber - aka Liane Lindner born Chemnitz, E Germany 1926 was a spy - tracked as Lanze by 3 agents.
  • Log starts 10M

  • L - London?

    Coded Log 11th to 16th March
  • G - Geneva?

    17th to 19th March log
  • O-slo (to 23rd March)

    20th to 23rd March from coded log
  • Hotel Viking 21/3-23/3

    Hotel booking card says arrived 19/3 in Norway. Worked as secretary (secretaire in French) name Genevieve Lancier, DOB 28/7/45. passport 8870/l25. Travelling from Brussels to Oslo. she buys breakfast on the 22nd seen with a man/ "According to the police report from Hotel Viking, the Dutch hotel maid said "she believed the woman spoke proper French, and she thought the woman was from France".
  • Hotel Bristol 24/3 to 25/3

    Claudia Tielt
    DOB 11/7/45.
    Antique dealer
  • Penguin crew in Bergen

    The unidentified woman was present in Bergen from 24.03 to 01.04.70. The 25th MBS was in Bergen around 24.03.70, in Stavanger around 29.10.70 and 09.11.70.
  • travelling via vingtor hydrofoil

    suggested via FB group
  • Hotel Skandia 25/3 to 1/4

    Claudia Tielt, antique dealer, DOB 11/7/43. Travelling to Brussels.
    Address claim Rue de la madeleine Brussels She moved from Bristol on Wednesday before Maundy Thursday because the hotel was to close for Easter, and spent the weekend at Hotell Skandia
  • B- ergen (to 31st March)

    26th to 31st - from coded log
  • Tourist office

    she went to the tourist office at noon on sunday Mars 29th and asked for a bus connection to Rjukan. Since it was 1st day of Easter and everything was closed, they couldn’t help her, but sent her to the railroad station for more information. She didn’t tell them, when she wanted to go there. They also said she had a lisp and spoke both English and German badly.
    These witnesses came forward December 11th after description and drawings had been in the newspapers.
  • travelling via Vingtor to Stavanger

  • ferry & train to hirtshals, hamburg, basel (H on the log)

    continental ticket from Stavanger, via Kristiansand to Hirtshals in Denmark (ferry), then train through Hamburg terminating in Basel in Switzerland.
    IW bought a train ticket (under the name of Tielt; ticket number 150242) from Stavanger to Basel on 1 April (dep: 13:35).
  • Aske Meindl in Odda hotel

  • Own idea: Pathe/Reuters video - I believe could be IW (you might not agree)

  • F-Frankfurt? (to 29th April)

    from coded log.
  • R-ome/Rotterdam? (to 14th May)

    from coded log
  • V- enice(Venedig)/Vienna/Venlo? (to 21st May)

    from coded log
  • W - W=Wien (Vienna), Wiesbaden? (to 31st May)

    from coded log - assuming in German.
  • N -? Nice to 7th June

    from coded log
  • Own idea: Jeannine Fort Varvin leaves Venice

    JFV reported missing in August but left Venice 1/6/70 - not seen again or reported about. see:
  • NR - Nice to Rome - 1 day?

    from coded log
  • L - London?

    from coded log
  • PL? Paris to London?

    from coded log and
    podcast group - They found a perfume bottle named Brigand from Jacques Esterel,Paris ,in one of her was 1/4 full
  • R - Rome/Rotterdam? to July 17?

    from coded log
  • LA London to Amsterdam flight?

    from coded log
  • A - Amsterdam? to 17th July

    from coded log
  • R - Rome/Rotterdam - 1 day?

    from coded log
  • Trimboli in Bodo possibly July 1970

    Newspaper article shows Trimboli in Bodo around 10th to 11th August 1970. But others show July.
  • Own idea: Gisela Schubert drowns in river Otra

    Gisela drowns
    Hans tries to save but fails
    Ulrike Schubert appears in December articles as missing person looking like IW.
  • Trimboli in Oslo

    To see child born 13/8
  • Junkin from SA in Alesund

  • Own idea: Jeannine Fort Varvin Reported Missing

    Last seen 1/6/1970 in Venice.
    Description similar to IW - but 3 inches taller. See:
  • Albert Hoffman in Geneva - LSD conference

  • Own idea: Fehman island festival - Beate Uhse

    love and peace concert - hendrix etc
  • Own idea: german woman in dramatic rescue

    After a dramatic downhill drive in Stjørdalselva in Meråker Friday noon, an elderly couple from Stockholm and a German woman were rescued from a car roof,
  • Cliff richard on the Bergen cable car

  • Aske: Meindl leaves Odda - in Bergen

  • Trimboli in Copenhagen

    Trimboli in Copenhagen airport with wife and family.
  • Trimboli in Kristiansund (approximate date)

    Trimboli also accused of rape during this visit?
  • Aske: Trimboli italy to stockholm

    flies to Stockholm
  • Trimboli sweden

  • Aske: Trimboli seen with woman in car - Oslo

    seen by his business partner
  • Junkin in Oslo

  • Trimboli meets Stillesby (from Gako)

  • Aske: Oppdal Turisthotell 2nd Oct or Oslo 3rd Oct (false lead?)

    Staying with Italian photographer - reported in book by Aske. Or Oslo?
  • Own idea: Gunther Fischer Band in Oslo (from GDR)

    Gunter Fischer in Oslo with his GDR band. He wrote music to film Solo Sunny 1980 - for GDR spymaster's brother 'Wolf'.
  • Aske: Trimboli meets woman in Oppdal

    in the afternoon. This is the date the police/sheriff says he saw them in Oppdal - based on sketch in newspaper 12/12/1970.
  • Junkin in Oppdal

  • Junkin in Loen

  • Aske: Trimboli travels to Helsinki with Junkin

  • Junkin in Orje

  • Trimboli in Milan/Rho

    according to stillesby
  • trimboli helsinki to Stockholm

  • Hotel Altona, Paris

    Name: Vera Schlosseneck
    DOB: 21.01.45
  • Hotel Calais, Paris to the 29th

    Hotel Calais, Paris to the 29th
    Name: Vera Schlosseneck
    DOB: 21.01.45
  • trimboli in Milan

  • Hotel KNA-Hotellet Stavanger (to 30/10)

    Hotel KNA-Hotellet Stavanger (to 30/10)
    Name: Claudia Nielsen
    Passport no: LS 3552-12
    DOB: 25.4.1945
    POB: Gent
    Nationality: Belgian
    Address: R. Ste Walburge 18
    Occupation: Verziererin (decorator?)
    Reason for visit: Beruf Verkehr (rush hour/job?)
    Room number: 300 The 25th MBS was in Bergen around 24.03.70, in Stavanger around 29.10.70 and 09.11.70.
  • Flight from Paris to Stavanger (cont'd to Oslo)

    a telex from the SAS ticket office in Paris, stating that Vera Schlosseneck had bought a ticket from Paris through Holland (Amsterdam?) to Stavanger - at first for October 27th, later postponed to October 29th ?flight was for Oslo?
    15 passengers left in Stavanger, of which one was VS. Vera Schlosseneck. "...I remember that the passenger with a French passport was a woman around 30 years old".
  • Penguin Crew in Stavanger

    The 25th MBS was in Bergen around 24.03.70, in Stavanger around
    29.10.70 and 09.11.70. She was in Stavanger from 29.10 to 30.10.70 and another time in
    Stavanger from 09.11 to 18.11.70."
  • Hotel Neptun Bergen booking (to 5/11)

    Name: Alexia Zarna-Merchez
    Passport no: GS 2553-21
    DOB: 27.11.1943
    POB: Ljubliana
    Nationality: Belgian
    Address: 91 R Ste Hildegaarde, Brussels
    Occupation: Verziererin (decorator?)
    Reason for visit: Handelsverkehr (trade)
    Room number: 609, 619, 701
  • travelling via Vingtor hydrofoil

    suggested via fb group
  • Trimboli back in Milan - date approx

  • Own idea: Murder commission in Bergen (reported 4/11)

    Evidence from newspaper archive search Murder Commisssion/Kripos in Bergen.
  • Own idea: Spy boss MM (Alf Martens Meyer) in Olso for funeral

    His wife died 31/10/1970
    His new wife was from Bergen he gets married Dec 1971
  • Hotel Bristol, Trondheim (to 8/11)

    Hotel Bristol, Trondheim (to 8/11)
    November 6th - 8th November: Staying at Hotel Bristol Room 427 in Trondheim under the name of Vera Jarle. No registration card completed.
  • Trondheim - 2 Soviet agents arrive (Rubanove and Popov)

    security police in Trondheim guard the airport at Værnes because they know that the two Soviet agents named Rubanov and Popov are on their way. The agents travel on to Sandnessjøen.
  • Flight: IW arrives in Trondheim on 3pm flight from Bergen

    ?Or ticket In name of E Welding
    13.15 14:05 This flight lands at 3pm? Long after the agents have left. 2 bags 20kg.
  • Hotel St Svithun Stavanger (to 18/11)

    Hotel St Svithun Stavanger (to 18/11)
    Checked in as Finella Lorck (Lorch) from Belgium.
    In Stavanger 9 to 18 November
    Seen by cleaner end of week wearing rubber boots. Took D off bathroom door to make room 615D? Seen with wine bottles in her bedroom. Apparently drunk. The 25th MBS was in Bergen around 24.03.70, in Stavanger around 29.10.70 and 09.11.70.
  • Flight/travel: Oslo to Stavanger as L Selling

    that she traveled further through Oslo to Stavanger on November 9 as L. Selling. 2 bags 25kg on flight.
  • Penguin crew in Stavanger

  • Buys rubber boots - date was from BBC video on FB group - amended

    Buys rubber boots - date was from BBC video on FB group - amended
    Buys rubber boots Oscar Rørtvedt's Footwear Store in Stavanger I amended to 14th to match police evidence in Aske's book. Podcast wasn't clear about this. "14th -Aske, in his own words, states that Officer Thue found a reciept dated that showed the boots were purchased early in the day. This would seem at odds with IW. Statements from staff at the St Svithans hotel state that she was mostly in a dressing gown well into day and in a state of apparent drunkeness"
  • Own idea & Dagbladet: IW buys umbrella and 'someone' exchanges shoes/boots? for cash

    IW buys an umbrella from Bjarna Lundt in Stavanger and 'someone' exchanges shoes or boots for cash.
  • Own idea: Umbrella (Paraply) parade Bergen

    Meeting Festplassen at 1pm
  • Own idea: Ulrike Schubert in Stern magazine

    Ulrike Shubert in the Stern magazine. Picked up by journalist in December.
    - has brown hair
    - brown eyes
    - 5' 6"
    - age 30
    - oval face
    - Norwegian journalist later suggests gap in teeth
  • Waldemar Hansen/Normann Laskemoen visits the Ice Valley before Wallentine visit

    Before the visit of Jane Wallentine Waldemar Hansen/Normann Laskemoen visits the Isdalen Valley. He says he doesn't normally go there. So why did he?
  • Mirror sold in Bergen - but IW in Stavanger..contradiction

    Podcast references a mirror being purchased by a man and woman in Bergen. But if purchased 16th most likely not IW as she is in Stavanger.
  • Jane Wallentine - 17/11/1970

    Jane Wallentine - 17/11/1970
    Jane Wallentine aged 26 born Iowa 15/11/1944 arrives in Stavanger with a large bag labelled California and 2 suitcases. Presumably by train. She travels on the Vingtnor hydrofoil - 1.30pm on the 19th. Note: names used on Isdal Woman addresses Wal-burgh
  • Hotel Rosenkrantz (to 19/11)

    Hotel Rosenkrantz (to 19/11)
    Name: Elisabeth Leenhouwer
    Passport no: ?
    DOB: 27.11.45
    POB: Ostend On the 18th the maid saw her with a man sitting in the room.
    and the day after at the reception.
  • Travel by hydrofoil Vingtor to Bergen 18/11 - 19/11- (overnight)

    Looking at code book perhaps inking out S (Stavanger?) and changing to B (Bergen) - was possibly a change of plan or a simple memory lapse as she was already in Stavanger?
    The taxi driver who took her from the Hotel St Svithun to the hydrofoil carried her 'one' suitcase (18.11.70), while she carried a bag. He said she had a sexy body and wide hips and a gap between her teeth and spoke poor english.
    "Thursday 19 November, she took "night bus" alone from Stavanger to Bergen."
  • Hotel Hordaheimen (to 23/11)

    Hotel Hordaheimen (to 23/11)
    Name: Elisabeth Leenhouwer
    Passport no: LG254.138
    DOB: 27.11.45
    POB: Ostend
    Nationality: Belgian
    Address: 44a Philipstock Str., Brussels
    Occupation: Geschäft Teilhaberin (Business partner)
    Reason for visit: Handelsverkehr (trade)
    Room number: 407 Staff report that she always came down for porridge breakfast, was elegant, smoked long South State cigarettes and had a strong "spicy" scent. Aske says 407 was not corner room in 1970.
  • At Goldsmith in Bergen

    Th. Olsens eftf goldsmiths at Ole Bulls square in Bergen before 5.30
    She wore a brownish or grayish coat with an attached belt. Around her neck, she had a long shawl with a type of chequered pattern in green. She was bareheaded and had brownish hair, perhaps chestnut brown. The woman enquired about two particular silver sets of cutlery, “Kronsølv” and “ Prins Harald”, the woman wanted the sets shipped to Germany
  • forestry? workers see her at 3pm

    Seen 3pm in Isdalen valley.
  • IW requests directions for VInmonopolet liquor store

    woman asked someone in bad English about the direction towards VInmonopolet liquor "store". "Elizabeth Leenhouwfr" arrived to the hotel around 15:00 that day
  • Jane Wallentine 19/11/1970

    Jane takes 2 suitcases and a bag from the hostel in Stavanger.For the trip to Bergen by hydrofoil on the 19th at 1.30pm. Buys rubber boots.
  • Israeli woman in Oslo

    Israeli woman in Oslo given NRK 2 to catch a bus to the hostel.
  • Buys newspaper Dagbladet

    Dagbladet Saturday 21. November 1970, One Picture in the newspaper is a former Miss Norway.
    The Italian photographer's wife was also another former Miss Norway. The Dagbladet organised the 1st Miss Norway competition.
  • Jane Wallentine 21-11-1970

    Jane Wallentine 21-11-1970
    Jane planned to travel to Oslo. She had arranged to meet up with someone she met in the Stavanger hostel but doesn't call her.
  • Hiker claim (30 years late)

    Hiker claims he saw the Isdal woman being followed by two men.
  • FB group: Reported sighting of IW and 2 men on the hillside

    source FB group.
    In episode 11 the sea captain says he saw her on a Sunday before she was killed followed by 2 men in the Floyen. It would have to be the 22nd. Normann Laskemoen often walked the Floyen on a Sunday with his friend Waldemar Hansen. On the 22nd he may have made the trip with Jane Wallentine.
  • Events of the 23rd

    Events of the 23rd
    between 9 and 10am on the morning of 23 Nov., the IW went to the Bergen Privatbank exchanged Swedish Crowns.
    Leaves Hotel Hordaheimen and travels to the train station where she places 2 suitcases into storage so would have had a recovery ticket/key
  • GAP in activity (23rd to 12.30 29th) - stored as 24th for timeline

    GAP in activity (23rd to 12.30 29th) - stored as 24th for timeline
    Date of death uncertain. She is likely to have been dead before 29/11. Left train station 23/11 after leaving baggage.
  • Suitcases moved from locker by train station staff and police informed

  • Laskemoens receive postcard from Wallentine

    The Laskemoens in Gvarv receive a postcard from Sweden from Wallentine. Received 27th postmark hidden. Johan Normann Laskemoen walks up mountains every week until he is over 90. Was he walking the Floyen on the 22nd?
  • Own idea & Dagbladet: Russian delegates in Norway (Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger)

    Source Dagbladet
  • Death of Isdal woman discovered

    Death of Isdal woman discovered
    Carl: Call received 9/10am.
    Notified date of death of so-called Isdal woman.
    Found 29. november 1970, kl. 13.00 (or 1.15?)
    (Report 2/12/70 puts time as 1.20pm)
    Unknown woman found death in Isdalen
    A hiker and two daughters find the body of a burned woman in a rock over Svartediket in Bergen.
    29. november 1970, kl. 14.00
    The police arrive at scene
    After being notified by those who found the dead woman, the police moved to the Isdalen. They block the area around the scene and start investigations.
  • Bergen police report to Kripos (after body discovered)

  • Crime scene investigated then body moved

    The forensic investigations continue the day after the discovery. The woman has been lying on the scene during the night with guards who take care that no one destroys any traces. The body is moved to Gade's Department of Autopsy
    During the day and transferred to the department of Gade at Haukeland Hospital, where the autopsy will be carried out. The autopsy is done by forensic physicians J. Chr.Giertsen.
  • Bergen police Request assistance from Kripos

  • Police inquiry starts

    The first inquiry related to the unknown woman is sent internally to the police in Norway through police officers. It is likely KRIPOS were involved. Speculated they/POT had opened the suitcases before the police.
  • Newspaper says CO in blood 1/12 (but blood test was 3/12)

    Newspaper says carbon monoxide in blood)
  • Kripos arrive in Bergen

    team of 3.
  • Police collect suitcases at Bergen train station

    Police collect suitcases at Bergen train station
    The police collect two large suitcases at the left luggage office at Bergen railway station.
  • Oslo Fingerprints check

    The woman's fingerprints are sent to the Criminal Police Center in Oslo (Kripos) for a check against the police fingerprint register. Unfortunately for investigators, there are no hits in the search.
  • Samples sent from Gades Institute to Toxicology Unit Oslo

    The forensic lab send tissue samples for testing. Reported in newspaper 2/12.
  • Aske: Citroen CV 4 repair - statement to police - 2CV 4 door?

    Citroen CV 4". clerk in repair shop: His description of the woman has similarities with the IW (160-165 cm, wide hips, dark hair in a pony tail, gold teeth, seemed depressed), but he also says she spoke Norwegian with a French accent, which doesn't quite match.
  • Police description updated

    "Amendment to C-1058": "Corpse has been subjected to strong heat, all clothing is completely or partially burnt. Corpse also has significant burn damage. Correction to description: About 30-40 years,
  • blood sent for testing to 8/12

    Blood test:
    Weak positive (probable D * type).
    Rin Probable Rh genotype: R, r (C + D * - c + e +). Probable K+
    Asian originals: D + C + E-c + e + (34%) K + (9%)
  • Communication to Interpol

    information about the unknown woman is sent internationally via Interpol. The telex contains information about the appearance, clothing, teeth and objects found on the scene.
  • Metal detector search by army engineers

    Date is not actual - yet. Will update when known.
  • 1st sketch in newspaper

    The taxi driver who took her in Stavanger to the hydrofoil sees the sketch and contacts the police and gives a statement.
  • Aske: Tobacco shop - witness statement

    There was also another witness, the owner of a tobacco shop in Bergen, who described a woman driving a car with foreign license plates (possible a Citröen). She visited the shop two-three times a week to buy 10-packs of Pall Mall cigarettes. He felt she was "depressed and nervous". He also mentioned her having "crooked fingers". Elisabeth Leenhouwer was described by one witness as having "bony fingers".
  • Police collect evidence on Finella Lorch (dated 1/12 - hand modified)

    Modified 4/12 as they talk with the taxi driver.
  • Belgian police response

    Belgian police have checked the name Finella Lorck, whom the Isdal woman used to be in Stavanger. They find no one with that name in their records.
  • Toxicology report

    Tests from legal toxicological examinations
    The Institute of Public Health has reported that the Isdal woman had 4 milligrams of the sedative Fenemal in the blood. This is not a fatal dose but would have blunted the woman strongly. In addition, she had 12 tablets of Fenemal in the stomach which were not dissolved when she died.
  • Police dog search

    Finds unrelated plastic bag and an orange.
  • Kripos complete crime scene investigation

    from blog
  • From blog: Rettstoksikologisk institutt report

    December 5th, a note by detective Jahrmann mention a separate toxicological analysis that was not performed at Gades Institutt (where the autopsy was done), but by a specialist Lab called "Rettstoksikologisk institutt
  • Incident report

    The incident report to the police has been completed. It is established that the woman has been embraced by a brief but intense fire. There were no leftovers after a fire, but the technicians could smell the smell of petroleum from a fur trimmed hat they found under the body.
  • Preliminary autopsy ?? or 4th Dec - as blog???

    Preliminary autopsy ?? or 4th Dec - as blog???
    Preliminary autopsy.
    Bergen police
    Forensic department
    Bergen, December 7th 1970
    Death scene report
    Regarding the discovery of a female corpse damaged by fire in Isdalen in Bergen Sunday November 29th 1970.
    Prepared by police sergeant O. Kristiansen
    The investigation was started at the site on Sunday afternoon 29/11-70 a short time after we received the notice of the discovery. Signed O. Kristiansen.
  • Code solved

    Code solved
    Code Block Solution
    The police solve the code on the writing pad they found in the Isdal woman's luggage. It turns out to be an extensive itinerary - both in Norway and in Europe.
  • Evidence of travel by airplane

    The police discover that the Isdal woman had travelled to and from Trondheim with Braathens SAFE (airline). Here, she may have used the names E. Velding and L. Selling, but because she did not have to legitimise on airplanes in 1970, they cannot say that she used the ticket.
  • POT (secret police) join investigation

    source blog
  • Blood test results received

    see 3/12 for details.
  • Handwriting analysis

    Script analysis connects identities
    The scripts at Kripos confirm that the code block found in the suitcase, six of the foreign forms from Norwegian hotels and several of the hotel receipts are all filled out by the same person - Isdalskvinen.
  • Suitcase ownership confirmed

    Suitcase ownership confirmed
    Confirm that the suitcases are her
    Kripos has compared the fingerprints from the body and the impression they found on a pair of sunglasses in the suitcases. It matches. Even though they have been safe, they now get the final proof that the two suitcases belong to the Isdal friend.
  • Police report on fingerprint match

    Police report on fingerprint match in Oslo.
    Orig Oslo 2/12 and 3/12
  • Dental reports

    Dental reports
    First report on the teeth
    Dental professor Gisle Bang suggests in a report that the woman may be from eastern, southern or central europe due to special dental work. wiki: The teeth of the woman were thoroughly checked during autopsy and the way the tooth was performed on the occasion that the woman had been at a dental clinic in South America. Wrong?
  • Repeat search of Isdalen crime scene

  • TV broadcast on Isdal woman

  • Request for info from POT on Jergen Jensen

    Secret police request info
  • Own idea: Ulrike Schubert ID'd as IW

    Fædrelandsvennen article saying US has
    - same teeth (gap at front)
    - almost same height (1" taller)
    - from Aachen,Germany
    - but aged 30.
  • evidence from tourist office

    see march 29th
  • Sketches in newspaper - new leads

    The drawings come in print in today's newspapers, and immediately lead to new inquiries. One of these comes from the police/sheriff in Oppdal. He states that a woman who matched the signal element was seen with an Italian photographer at Oppdal on October 3, 1970.
  • More details of fake IDs and travel

    Finds several fake names
    The police find another false identity that Isdal's friend has used - Claudia Tielt. Under this name she has stayed at Hotell Skandia in Bergen, and took the "Vingtor" hydrofoil between Stavanger and Bergen.
  • Request to identify cosmetic owned by Isdal woman

    Request to identify cosmetic owned by Isdal woman
    Request to identify cosmetic owned by Isdal woman. she also had 1/2 bottle Brigand perfume
    rosemary, plum, pepper, green notes, patchouli, carnation, leather and musk brigand - a member of a gang that ambushes and robs people in forests and mountains.
  • No other traces in Norway

    No trace in other police districts
    All police forces in southern Norway have searched for who the woman may be or if she has been in their area. The survey does not provide any useful traces.
  • plane passenger list check

    all tracked apart from Vera S
  • Further travel details

    At the NSB travel office in Stavanger, the police finds a ticket receipt that shows that Isdal woman had travelled by train from Stavanger to Basel the last time she was in Norway.
  • Further lab analysis

    The laboratory of Kripos has analyzed all the remains of objects from the scene. They manage to isolate a tiny amount of gasoline - a fraction of a drop - telling what drives the fire.
  • Police press conference

    The police is holding a press conference at the police house in Bergen. There they say that suicide is the most likely cause of death, and they reject all theories that the Isdal woman was a foreign spy. They say she is likely from Paris. Filmed.
  • Kripos complete crime scene analysis

    from a blog.
  • Kripos conclude scene analysis

    source cowhimpering blog
  • Fisherman Rott travels to London for Christmas claims gun given by police

    BBC/NRK say day after police press conference
  • Dagblad releases picture

    newspaper shows artistic impression of Isdal woman. This is the 2nd sketch.
  • toxicology report

    The report from the National Forensic Toxicology Institute is complete and will be sent.
  • Schulman interviewed by FBI [date tbd]

    Interviewed and said he was in Bergen in October 1970 but not November. He did not know how his travellers cheques were cashed on 23rd November 1970.
  • Finalised autopsy

    Finalised autopsy
    The cause of death is assumed to be suicide with pills / fire
    The final autopsy report on Isdal woman is available. "The cause of death is thought to be a combination of poisoning with Fenemal and carbon monoxide. The damage caused by the fire may have been a contributing cause of death," it says.
  • Police get info on Schulman cheque from USA

    January 16th the police got back information on travellers cheques from the USA via Copenhagen Embassy
  • Kripos boss waiting for details

    Police Chief Rolf Harry Jahrmann, says he has not yet been sent the details of the case from Copenhagen,
  • French police reponse

    French police respond to the last request from Norway. They have no people registered with the name Vera Schlosseneck, as the Isdal friend used to stay in Paris. Both the name and address are fake.
  • handwriting analysis interpol

    Interpol in Paris has compared the handwriting of Vera Schlosseneck with the promotional forms sent and states that it is identical. The police in Norway have thus been confirmed to be the woman of Isdal.
  • Isdal woman funeral

    Isdal woman funeral
    The beautiful hymn "Lead, Kindly Light," accompanied by organ and violin, fills the chapel at the Møllendal graveyard in Bergen. Sixteen men and two women are seated on the benches. They are all employees of the Bergen police force. None of them has any idea who the woman in the beautiful white coffin might be.
    The woman is buried
    The funeral is Catholic because the police at this time still believe the woman is from France.
  • Kripos ask for more information

    March 30th Kripos started looking into the information on the travellers cheque and they ask for more information.
  • Trimboli interviewed [?twice]

    Trimboli inteviewed - indicates woman given lift to Loen was S African and Kripos follow up and given assurance woman is alive.
  • Kripos notified of Schulman interview

    May 25th Kripos is informed about new interviews of Schulman being conducted. Kripos wanted to now of there was any contact between the man and the woman. [??? Suggested by FB group he was in Bergen.]
  • Kripos receive info from US embassy - no info from FBI

    June 19th Kripos receives information from the American embassy in Copenhagen(Denmark) that FBI still doesn’t have any more information on Schulman but that investigations are still ongoing.