DCL - 2020 plan

By pipg-l
  • Sprint 1: Send survey to the junior team

    Participants complete survey re: Collaboration & communication.
  • Analyse data from the survey

  • Teacher discussion re: survey and reflect on results and intro Trello & Stormboard

    In a team meeting discuss the survey results and add additional insights and reflection on the topic.
    Whole team - Stormboard
    Intro Trello with SO
  • Sprint 2 - Use Trello to plan a lesson with a team member

    Should have data collected, analysed and the report written.
    Next steps - introduce collaboration learning tasks.
  • Sprint 3 - Discussion, feedback/feedforward

    Evaluate effectiveness of activity/and the introduction/defining of collaboration from teacher feedback.
    Implement collaborative plan to students.
  • Conclude, teacher feedback on the process

    Conclude process: