Day of the Triffids Timeline: Ben Stousland

  • William "Bill" Masen is born.

    The start of the timeline is the birth of Bill Masen, the book's protagonist.
  • Triffids begin to appear around the world

    After Omberto's plane is shot down whilst carrying many triffid seeds, they begin to appear across the planet.
  • Bill is stung by a triffid for the first time.

    As a boy, Bill is stung by the triffid in his garden and knocked out.
  • Bill goes to the hospital following a triffid sting.

    He becomes temporarily blinded due to the sting.
  • The Great Blinding

    Most of the world's population is blinded by a flash from a comet.
  • Bill awakes in the hospital

    Bill wakes up in a hospital with bandages over his eyes. He removes them and leaves. Outside, he finally sees that everyone else has been blinded. He meets and rescues Josella and they stick together
  • Bill and Josella go to the university.

    After seeing the light signal at night, the two protagonists go to the university and find the survival group.
  • Coker's gang captures Bill

    Coker's gang creates a fake fire to get everyone together and then they capture Bill along with many others from the university. Bill is separated from Josella.
  • Bill returns to the university.

    Bill abandons the group because most are dying, dead, or have fled and continues to search for Josella. He ends up going back to the university where he encounters Coker.
  • Coker and Bill leave London

    Bill and Coker leave to go to Tynsham. Now they are equipped with guns and transportation. Meanwhile, Josella reaches Shirning.
  • Bill and Coker arrive in Beaminster

  • Period: to

    They search for Josella and Beadley's group with a helicopter.

  • Bill goes to Sussex, leaving Beaminster

    He meets Susan.
  • Bill is reunited with Josella.

    After reaching Shirning with Susan late that night, Bill and Josella are joyfully reunited.
  • Bill and Josella have a child, David.

    David is born.
  • Beadley's group moves to the Isle of Wight.

    They were unhappy with their current location.
  • Bill and Josella meet Ivan Simpson

    While at the coast, they see his helicopter and meet him.
  • Bill and Josella leave for the Isle of Wight.

    Along with the others, Bill and Josella leave for the Isle of Wight to begin their new lives.