• I Love Lucy

    One of the first shows that jumped started the sitcom format. It established the three camera set up, which is when three cameras are filming at once from different angles.
  • All In The Family

    Showed that television didn't have to be completely fictional or blind to reality. It brings real issues onto the screen, and merges reality with television for the first time.
  • The Godfather

    1969-1971 is known to be the worst film era but the Godfather changed that in 1972. It is known to have saved the film revenue and brought back the interest in gangster films.
  • SeinFeld

    This is known to be one of the best sitcoms behind “I Love Lucy.” This changed how different types of stories were told on TV. Instead of having the same storyline SeinFeld had many different stories being told in one episode and had them all connect at the end of the episode. It also introduced very unlikable characters.
  • The Simpsons

    It broke ground by pasting a familiar trope into an adult animation style. When it came out in 1989 it wasn’t normal for animation to be used beyond children’s programming and the Simpsons ended up creating a whole new sub genre.
  • Free Willy

    This movie was a big success and focused on the problems inside marine parks.
  • The X-Files

    It merged two television genres. Police procedural with supernatural which created an interesting storyline. Developing this show made it possible for other shows like Supernatural to be produced.
  • Freaks and Geeks

    Most TV shows before this were unrealistic. This show starred real teenagers and expressed real problems that teenagers go through.
  • The Sopranos

    One of the first experiences where the main character did bad things, but by listening to his story you could catch yourself being able to relate to him. They talked about topics like murder, drugs, and gangs, something that has now been added into present television.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    There’s times where old television used to rely on drama and different aspects that were drawn from movies, but with cartoons nowadays, the ideas behind each episode are about silly concepts and a different type of humor.
  • Survivor

    It was a mix of reality TV and game show. Survivor made it possible for more challenge-based reality TV shows. It laid a foundation for popular unscripted television.
  • Band Of Brothers

    Ability to raise the standards of television to be more like movies. Proved that TV can be just as artistic, serious, and big budgeted as film. And that it can succeed by doing that.
  • Harry Potter Films

    One of the most successful young adult franchises to ever appear in cinema. And kept fans of the books interested, added to the magical world.
  • Lost

    One of the most popular television series in the 2000s. This show created a mysterious story line. Lost was one of the first shows to have a deep relationship between fans and shows.
  • House Of Cards

    This show made it clear that Netflix didn’t only make up network and cable television series. It showed that Netflix can also produce their own shows and could be more successful and make more subscribers out of it.
  • It

    It's one film that established the same amount of love the book did maybe even more. It became one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time.