Daniel's Story

By NoelD
  • Boycott at hardware store.

    Boycott at hardware store.
    Daniel arrives at his father's hardware store to find a stormtrooper standing in front with a gun in hand. Later an older woman comes to the store ignoring the troopers directions of not going in. Daniel also notices the word Jew painted onto the stores window. This is an act of Germans De-humanization the Germans made the Jews face and feel.
  • School Photos

    School Photos
    Daniel decides to look at his old school photo of him in his classroom with the rest of his classmates. As he looks it over he notices that there are barely any Jews, because his friends left voluntarily or were forced to leave. This is an example of the educational discrimination that Jews were forced to face.
  • Looting Jewish Owned Stores.

    Looting Jewish Owned Stores.
    German people would vandalize and destroy Jewish owned stores because on the night they did it it was known as the night of kristallnacht “The night of broken glass.” Were all Jewish owned stores were destroyed. During these course of events the Germans are using Bias-Motivated Violence such as vandalism to tear the Jews down.
  • Family Getting Deported.

    Family Getting Deported.
    Daniel and his family were being deported and they had to sign over all of their home and all of their belongings over to the German authorities. Daniel and his family were destroyed leaving everything they ever had to call home behind. By the Germans doing this to the Jews they are causing Economic Discrimination to Jews every where.
  • Starvation

    Daniel and his family were sent into ghettos with many other Jews in Lodz. He and his family would have to save their foods they were offered every so often and ration so they wouldn't starve to death. Even though most days they were weak and couldn't barely stand being held from their privileges to eat. By not being allowed their right to at the Germans were causing violence towards to Jews and treating them like animals.
  • Youth Resistance

    Youth Resistance
    In december Daniel and his sister Erika along with their cousin Friedrich to a youth resistance group that discussed the affairs that Germany were performing to the Jews. They also discussed the matter of hope in their situation. They all had different opinions on the subject, but they were all in different forms of hope. By this these young teens are face to see Insensitive Remarks that the have to deal with during this already hard time with the Nazis.
  • Survivers

    Throughout time in the ghetto Daniel and a few companions found out that there were only 80,000 Jews left in their ghetto, and perhaps the world. His girlfriend Erika had told them that a coworker of hers had found a note in a pants pocket of on of the Jews that was sent to a Camp. The note read that they were sending them there just to kill all the Jews. This is a sign that the Germans are causing Desecration, and harm towards the Jews.
  • Hope

    Daniel and his family were listening to there radio one night and found out about D-day. That france were coming to save them. they were all excited and full of hope that they went along the rest of the ghetto telling all the Jews the amazing news. they were so excited they started celebrating in front of the Germans. The Germans were angry with their hope and looked in apartments for the radio that gave them hope during this terrible time. The Germans are being Bias because they have a radio.
  • Concentration Camps

    Concentration Camps
    Daniels meets and finds his family at a Concentration Camp most of all the Jews were sent to. While there he notices an awful smell coming from the chimney above, and he realizes it is the smell of bodies being burned. First they choked the Jews in a gas room then took their bodies over to an oven to burn them to ash. He was terrified that his mother and sister Erika would be dead from that gas, but he didn't give up hope. The Germans are genociding the Jews out of existence.
  • Reuniting

    Daniel along with his father and the rest of the boys and me from his quarters are marching there way to his work area when he notices his sister Erika playing in to band to keep the workers motivated. Daniel was filled with joy for being able to see his sister, and finding out that she's still alive. Even though she looks like she's made out of all bones. Erika along with the rest of the Jewish band are being threatened to play or else there lives may end in tragedy.
  • Taking a stand.

    Taking a stand.
    Daniel has been asked by a fellow friend that he new from a resistance group in a ghetto to take photos of the burning pits and the women's hair the have been cut off to be seened back to german for help from outside of the camp. Daniel has to be safe and smart from the help of fellow resistance members from the inside not to get caught and slaughtered. Daniel along with the rest of the Jews want to put away the Germans for good, and make sure they ridicule them so they can't hurt anyone again.
  • Fighting Back

    Fighting Back
    Daniel's friend Adam decides to take vengeance on the Germans and cause them pain the way they caused him pain. He tells Daniel to stay away from him, but before he has anything to say against that Adam shoots 3 S.S. guards, but sadly one gets to him and rapidly fires machine guns at him, and he sadly dies. The Germans are making the Jews participate in Bias-Motivated Violence, and making them go crazy over it.
  • Another Chapter

    Another Chapter
    Daniel has an new job working for a political inmate at a photography studio. One day a S.S. guard comes into take a family photo with his wife and two daughters. Afterwards he has to get supplies for his boss, but witnesses the same S.S. guard killing a young boy. Daniel was absolutely disgusted to see this man harm a boy, while he has two daughters. The guard is commiting Bias-Motivated Violence, and murder to this young Jewish boy.
  • A Brand New Chapter.

    A Brand New Chapter.
    The allies have came to the Jews rescue. They have finally taken over the Germans and are free. Daniel and his father were fitting their very best and succeeded. Daniel spotted the same S.S. guard that had killed the young boy from the streets. Daniel pointed a gun to the officers head and addressed him that he would be at his trial. Then he reconnected with his father, and watched as their allies rescued them all. They are finally free.
  • Uprising

    After the Jews have seeked help from their Allies they were finally able to be free to sleep separately in their own cots, and eat soup with actual meat and vegetables. The night after they were declared officially free they decided to head back to Lodz to see if his sister Erika is in fact still alive. But as they were making there way to the train Daniel and his cousin Peter were jumped, and Peter was severely injured, but Daniel stuck up for him and seeked for the help his cousin needed.
  • A New Future

    A New Future
    After leaving the hospital soon after Peter died Daniel left to back to his apartment in the ghetto to discover if any of his family is still alive. He finds Rosa waiting for him and immediately run into each other's arm. They decide to get married and start a future together in Palestine were they are free of prejudice insults. They walk together in the street never looking back at their broken home, but instead look forward into the future for their new lives that are ahead.