By wphelps
  • Mar 29, 600

    The choros, originally danced in a circle by temple virgins, is the centrepiece of the developing Greek theatre

  • Jan 1, 1400

    BC Egyptian paintings, from as early as about 1400 BC, depict another eternal appeal of dancing.

    Egyptian paintings, from as early as about 1400 BC, depict another eternal appeal of dancing.The egyptians just danced to the flow of the beat in there dums and they basically pioneered the dancing that we know today. The egyptians mostly danced in front of their improper as a type of salute to them to show their devotion to the king.
  • Jan 1, 1581

    The first dramatic ballet, the Balet Comique de la Reine, is presented during French wedding festivities

  • iran

    Dancing is historically entwined with many cultures around the world. Here, 17th century Persian women dance in a ceremony in Iran.
  • lessons

    by the 1800 people were getting dance lessons and learning to dance professionally, it was no longer a ritual that people used to summon their god. People were dancing just to be classy and not dancing for what it was invented for.
  • no specific, time method of expression

    One of the earliest usages of dance was used for expression and people would express themselves with new dance moves they learned while trying to watch other dance. Before the invention of language people would use dance to express themselves and find a mate or somebody to be friends with.
  • dance

    There is all new dance moves that people are discovering and making dance more complicated and making people more advanced at dancing. Dance has become one of them sports where there is so many different forms of it you could not master them all.
  • BC Brazilian dancing

    the Brazilian people in the rain forest thought that dancing was a fourm of healing and it would asuer them a good haven in the after life. The Brazilian would sometimes dance until they collpasted for heat exhaustion.