cullen's life timeline

  • birth

    It was a hot,humid, summer day when i was born in the 7am hour. I was born at mercy medical center in cedar rapids iowa
  • Period: to

    My life

  • seizure

    I was playing in my aunt's van and fell out and hit my head. I had a seizure and turned blue, the fire department had to revive me.
  • 9/11

    Some planes crashed into the world trade centers on that day.
  • Open for business

    Open for business
    In mid march I purchased an antique candy dispencer. It got me thinking about selling things and thats what started me up as a business man.
  • Parents got divorced

    During mid september my parents got divorced and moved to different houses but were ironically in the same deveopment.
  • Moving

    In late October I moved to Dixon,IL and lived there for two years.
  • Flood of 2008

    That summer the flood occured and it effected my traveling directions from Illionis to Iowa, to see friends and family
  • Concession stands

    I started working for prairie concessions in late september of 2008. As time moved I learned more and more about how to be a business person and have started to do my own concessions. In 2010 I became the assistant manager of the concession stand.

    I rode a day on Ragbrai from clear lake to mason city. It was 54 miles long and had alot but I still made it.
  • Ely Fall Fest

    It helps to raise money for the city of ely, I set up a concession stand,made some partnerships, and made some money
  • tohoku earthquake

    A devestating earthquake and tsunami happend in japan and thousands were killed.
  • Osama bin laden was killed

    when he was killed it was one less terrorist i had to worry about blowing up parts of our country and made me feel a little safer.