Cuban Missile Crisis: events

  • Blockade

    President Kennedy decided a blockade on Cuba by the U.S. Navy to prevent further shipments of military supplies to the island/that their would be a economic blockade towards them, until they get rid of their missiles.
  • Speech

    President Kennedy had announced on television that the Soviets were installing nuclear missiles in Cuba,
  • No to Nuclear War

    Khrushchev had written a letter to Kennedy appealling him to avoid the act of nuclear war between the countries.
  • Fire Back

    The air defense of Cuba had killed the pilot, Major Rudolf Anderson. To show that their answer will always be the same.
  • one for one

    Khrushchev sent a second letter to Kennedy saying, if they remove the missile sites from Turkey, they'd remove the missile sites from Cuba, he had ignored this letter.
  • Meeting

    Kennedy's brother had gone to a meeting with Ambassador Dobrynin, saying that this was going out of hand.
  • Agreement

    America promised not to invade Cuba and the end of the economic blockade toward Cuba, Soviet Union promised to dismantile the missile sites and remove a squadron of Soviet bombers from the island.
  • Afterthoughts

    The Cuban leader felt, the United States continued its naval "blockade" and daily reconnaissance flights during the negotiations. In the end, Castro saw the arrangement that resolved the missile crisis as a threat to Cuba’s security.
  • Retreat

    Premier Khrushchev had gone on the radio to say they'll be dismantling and removaing the missiles in exchange for U.S. guarantees of Cuban sovereignty.