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The World Statesman

  • Declaration of Havana

    It acknowledge that both the military and the Catholic Church could play a progressive role in the struggle for national assertion and reform in Latin America
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    US Supported Cuban exiles invaded Cuba and were ill-prepared and Castro beat them.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    US and USSR almost went to nuclear war because of Soviet missiles placed in Cuba
  • Camarioca Incident

    The government allowed 300,00 people to be boatlifted to Florida
  • Cuban Adjustment Act

    US offered automatic asylum to all Cubans under this act.
  • Return of Cuba to Moscow's allies

    Cuba and USSR's renewed alliance continued Cuba's trading with the Eastern bloc and opened many diplomatic doors for them.
  • The Crisis of 1969-1970

    Castro's popularity was renewed after this crisis due to his display fo world statesmanship.
  • Three Week Trip to Chile

    Castro's first visit abroad in several years and it was a diplomatic triumph.
  • Castro Visited Chile

    Castro supported the call for a strategic alliance between Christians and Marxists.
  • Cuba Restablished Contacts with Latin American/Caribbean Countries

    They joined regional development organizations.
  • Oil Crisis in 1973

    Third World oil-producing nations pushed up the price of oil and provoked the first major crisis in Western capitalism since the Second World War.
  • Anti-hijacking Agreement

    This agreement began the thaw in US-Cuban relations and was signed between Castro and the Ford administration and continued with secret talks.
  • 1973 NAM Conference in Algiera

    Castro was main spokesperson of the idea that the USSR was an ally of Third World States trying to fight back against US imperialism.
  • 1974 Military Coup in Portugal

    The coup in Portugal led to end of of European colonies in Africa and the rise of three new nations.
  • US Defeat in Vietnam War

    When the US was defeated in Vietnam, it was a major psychological boost to Third World nationalists.
  • Latin American Economic System(SELA)

    SELA was set up by 25 countries including Cuba in an effort to coordinate economic policy and reduce dependency on the US.
  • Caribbean Committee of Development and Cooperation

    This committee was established in Havana after state visits between Castro and the Prime Ministers of Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Organization of American States(OAS)

    OAS voted to lift sanctions against Cuba.
  • Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola(MPLA)

    MPLA appealed to Cuba for military aid and Cuba said yes immediately.
  • An Agreement in Alvor About Angola's Future

    The agreement called for a provisional tripartite government and the holding of elections and many worried that the MPLA, supported by Castro, would win the majority of the votes.
  • Castro's participation in Ethiopian/Somali crisis

    With USSR's blessing, Castro visited Ethiopian and Somali leaders to make peace. Cuban troops helped push the Somali army out of the Ogaden.
  • National Assembly of People's Power

    Castro warns delegates of the double standards of the United States.
  • The Non-Aligned Movement

    Cuba was chosen as the host country for the Sixth Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, with Castro as chairman
  • Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan

    Cuba's official support for the Soviet Intervention wrecked Castro's claim to moral leadership in the Third World. Afghanistan was a founding member of the NAM so Castro's support for the resolution made no sense, but they couldn't ignore the USSR.
  • Cubans looking for asylum at the Peruvian Embassy

    A small group of Cubanc crashed a truck through the gate of the Peruvian Assembly in Havana and a Cuban policeman was killed and the Peruvians offered them asylum and refused to give them up.
  • Marial Boatlift

    Exodus of 125,000 Cubans to Florida
  • Advent of the Regan administration

    The Regan administration brought a new low in US-Cuban relations because Regan tightened the trade embargo on Cuba.
  • Offensive of the Farabundi Marti Liberation Movement

    Cuba tried to help in El Salvador but failed to remove the US backed government army.
  • The Malvinas War of 1982

    This revived an old anti-colonial spirit. Castro sent support to the junta in Argentina and offered them military aid.
  • Mexico Economy Crisis

    In 1982, Mexico announced it could no longer maintain his interest payments to Cuba.
  • US Marines invaded Granada

    US Marines invaded Granada.
  • First immigration agreement between Regan and Cuba

    Regan administration reached an accord with Cuba. The US would offer 20,000 visas a year to would-be Cuban emigrants as long as Cuba received to take back those who the US refused to accept.
  • Bernado Benes led Negotiations between US and Cuba

    He brought an offer for Regan to lift the embargo and approve a new sugar quota as long as Cuba stopped promoting the Revolution, but things went wrong.
  • Peru Made a Stand

    Peru made a stand against debt repayments and refused to pay back more than 10% of its annual exports.
  • Cuba restored Diplomatic Relations

    By this point, Cuba restored diplomatic relations with most of the continent and and trade and economy was booming.
  • Black Monday

    This was when the world's stock market crashed.