Fidel castro sm

Fidel Castro

  • Born

    Fidel was born in Cuba. His father is Ángel Castro y Argiz and mother Lina Ruz González. His has 2 brothers and 4 sisters.
  • Period: to

    Pre-University Studies

    At age six he was sent along with his siblings to live with their teacher. His teacher did not have much money so the conditions are not good.
  • Period: to

    University Studies

    Fidel went to the University of Havana and studied law. He quickly conflicted with the Cuban student protest movement.
  • Latin American Rebellions

    Latin American Rebellions
    Castro is in a rebelion against the dictator in the Dominican Republic. 1,200 men try to invade but the Dominican Republic finds out about the attack. Most of the rebels are captured but Fidel jumps of the Dominican Navy boat and swims to shore and escapes.
  • Marriage

    Fidel marries Mirta Díaz Balart. Her family is wealthy and gives them much money. It shows Fidel how the elite in Cuba live.
  • Castro creates "The Movement"

    Castro creates "The Movement"
    The Movement was a militant group that wanted to remove Batista from the Cuban Government.
  • Attack on the Moncada Barracks

    Attack on the Moncada Barracks
    Castro and his group The Movement lead an attack on the Moncada Barracks planning to steal weapons from their armory and give them to the poor class to spark a rebellion. After a short while of fighting they retreated realizing they were outnumbered.
  • Castro on Trial

    Castro on Trial
    When on trial for the Moncada Barracks attack, Castro told the public about how the army tortured some of the rebels. With his speeches most of the rebels were acquited. He was sentenced to 15 years in a prison 60 miles off of Cuba
  • Castro Released

    Castro Released
    Castro and the other Moncada rebels were released from prison after much pressure on the Cuban Government
  • Period: to

    Guerrilla War in the Sierra Maestra Mountains

    Castro and his men lead multiple attacks on army encampments close to them. This gains the peoples trust and more men join them.
  • Batista Resigns

    Batista Resigns
    After Batistas military is getting beat badly and getting told of the revolutions plans Batista resigns and flees Cuba.
  • Castro becomes Prime Minister

    After Cordona, Castro is sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba
  • Eisenhower orders CIA to overthrow Cuba secretly

    Eisenhower tells CIA it can work with the Mafia (who hated Castro for closing their casinos in Cuba) to try to take down Castro.
  • Castro states that Cuba is socialist

    For the first time at the funeral for some dead soldiers Castro states that Cuba is socialist.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    Under the direction of the US using Cuban exiles as soldiers in hope to defeat Castro. It consisted of around 1200 men and the rebels were quickly defeated with 1189 men surrendering.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    The Russian president asked Castro if he could move nuclear missles into Cuba. Castro agreed but the US found out. The US quickly surrounded Cuba and searched each incoming ship. President Kennedy worked a deal out with Russia to not have the nukes in Cuba.
  • Castro shuts down private buisness

    Castro closes all privately owned buisnesses and delcares all of the owners capitalists.
  • Period: to

    Castro sends troops to help Socialist revolutions

    Castro supports and even sends troops to socialist countries or socialist revolutions.
  • Americas invasion of Grenada

    Castro supported Grenadas Marxist government and when the US helped overthrow the government he compared the US to Nazi Germany.
  • Period: to

    Cubas "Special Period"

    Cuba is on the edge of failing there are food, water, and power shortages all over Cuba.
  • Dissolution of the USSR

    When Russia becomes no longer Communist, Cuba is devastated and loses much of its supoort from them.
  • Castro delegates power

    Castro delegate most of his power to his brother Rual while he is recovering from surgery. Fidel says it is only temporary.
  • Fidel gains back most power

    Fidel after having trouble with illness now regains most of his power in Cuba and resumes his work.
  • Fidel Castro Retires

    Fidel states that he will not accept the next election term due to mostly his heath issues. His brother Rual is then elected president.