Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Castro takes over Cuba

    Castro takes over Cuba
    <a href='' >Castro became dictator of Cuba on this day, there is much controversy surrounding his rule. There are many people in the world that hate him and others that love him. Scholars say that his endeavors have not always been in the best interests of Cuba however the fact that he didn't make himself leader until after he had political power may be indicate his original intentions.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Cuba aligns with the Soviets and their communist values

    Cuba aligns with the Soviets and their communist values
    Advantage Lost The Soviets led by Krushchev and the Cubans led by Castro made an alliance against the United States. The significance of this communist alliance is that this would even the playing field. America was just as vulnerable as Russia to attack. Washington DC could be bombed by Russian planes or worse.
  • USA terminates diplomatic relations with Cuba

    USA terminates diplomatic relations with Cuba
    Any deal made with the Cubans was terminated, United States at the time would not associate let alone help a communist.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    Bay of Pigs
    The Bay of Pigs Invasion was when the United States tried over 1000 Cubans who hated Castro. After being trained, the American backed Cuban soldiers invaded Cuba. The bay of Pigs Invasion was a terrible failure and was defeated in less than 24 hours.
  • Vienna Summit

    Vienna Summit
    Vienna Summit
    Vienna, capitol of Austria, was selected due to its neutrality for discussion. Main point is no solution was made. The Russians even left feeling as though they had bested us.
  • Trade Embargo on Cuba

    Trade Embargo on Cuba
    During Kennedy's presidency a trade embargo against Cuba was enacted as a responce to their communistic values. The embargo keeps America and several other countries from trading with Cuba, the embargo stands to this day. Despite the embargo several Americans will purchase Cuban goods while visiting countries like Mexico.
  • Missiles found

    Missiles found
    Missiles found
    On this day Senator Keating warned JFK that there is evidence of missiles being installed in Cuba. This was a very big deal because it means DC could have been destroyed before we had time to react.
  • USSR warns US

    USSR warns US
    USSR Warns USA
    Khrushchev warns United States that an invasion of Cuba would mean a Russian invasion of America. This would cause WW3 and the end would be catastrophic.
  • Day 1, Missile spotted

    Day 1, Missile spotted
    Missile sites located
    Day 1 of the Cuban Missile crisis. A U2 spy plane located the missile sites and JFK was pushed by the joint chiefs pf staff to launch an air strike against Cuba. He did not and this would have ultimatley have caused WW3
  • Defensive purposes only

    Defensive purposes only
    Gromyko says its for defensive purposes only
    Gromyko, the foriegn minsiter for USSR, says that nuclear weapons being installed into Cuba is only for the saftey of Cuba and has nothing to do with the fact that Florida could be oblitherated in minutes.
  • Kennedy Speaks

    Kennedy Speaks
    Kenndey addresses the United States
    Kennedy shows the footage of the missiles to Congress and tells the country about the Cuban Missiles. The military goes into DEFCONN 3, or alert level 3, the United States was preparing for War.
  • Kennedy recieves letter from USSR

    Kennedy recieves letter from USSR
    Letter revieved
    Kennedy recieves a letter from Khrushchev stating that Khrushchev believes that the saftey and peace or two peoples is at great risk.
  • Reverse

    Russian ships reroute
    Several Russian ships on their way to Cuba are ordered to turn around, only one remains on course to Cuba. The security level of the United States military goes into DEFCONN 2, the highest its ever been.
  • Kennedy blames Russia

    Kennedy blames Russia
    Fault placed on Russia
    Kennedy places the blame for the Cuban missile crisis on Russia.
  • Khrushchev sends Kennedy Letter

    Khrushchev sends Kennedy Letter
    A Deal Proposed
    Soviets say that if US first declares, publically that they will never invade Cuba that the Soveits will remove their nuclear weapons from Cuba.
  • Kennedy will agree if..

    Kennedy will agree if..
    Kennedys' repsonce
    Kennedy tells Khrushchev that the USA will publically say they will never invade Cuba if the Soviets remove their nuclear weapons first.
  • Agreement between USA and USSR

    Agreement between USA and USSR
    C.M.C Agreement
    The Cuban Missile crisis ended when the Soviets and the Americans came to an agreement. The Soviets agreed to withdraw their missiles from Cuba and the United States publicly agreed to not attack Cuba. The United States privatley agreed to remove their nuclear arsenal from Turkey. Castro was not informed about the agreement between Kennedy and Khrushchev.